IP Paging Microphones

IP Video Paging Microphone Master

Item No.: NAS-8530HV
For broadcasting, video intercom and monitoring in the control room
●Stylish modular design paging station.
●Equipped with 4.3'' TFT true color LCD screen, gooseneck microphone and multifunctional keypad.
●Adopting high-speed industrial grade dual-core (ARM+DSP) chip, with start-up time ≤ 3 seconds.
●Built-in digital camera of H.264 coding format for two-way video calling.
●Built-in 3W speaker and unidirectional condenser microphone for two-way hands-free intercom and audio monitoring.
●Available to select different zones for paging broadcasting.
●Available to display the English name of the incoming & outgoing calls for identification, incoming calls voice broadcasting.
●Adopting digital noise reduction technology, effectively improve the voice collection distance and sound quality.
●Available to trigger short circuit signal to the designated terminal during intercom (can be used to trigger external alarm light or electronic door lock).
●Compatible with FTP (File Transfer Protocol), available for the settings of ringtones (including "busy line", "target offline" and "target hang up").
●Equipped with 1×3.5mm audio line input interface which can be connected to external audio source;Equipped with 1×3.5mm audio line output interface which can be connected to active speaker.
●Equipped with 1×Relay Input or 1×Relay Output interface for external linkage with emergency button, infrared detector, smoke detector, alarm light or electronic door lock.
●Supporting initiating & receiving offline intercom without centralized management server software.
●Equipped with standard RJ45 interface, accessible to the system wherever Ethernet is available, supporting cross-segment and cross-router.
● Optional: NAS-8530LV sixteen zone selection expansion board (each shortcut button can be customized for paging broadcasting to specific area or designated speaker).
● Optional: NAS-8530T handset board.


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