16th Guangzhou International Pro-lighting and Acoustics Exhibition

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On May 10th -13rd, the 16th China (Guangzhou) International Pro-lighting and Acoustics Exhibition was held at the China Import and export commodity trade exhibition hall A and B. The theme of this exhibition is "Boundless Audio-visual , Intelligent Future" and is expected to attract more than 75000 spectators.

The annual Guangzhou International Pro-lighting and Acoustics Exhibition was held around the world. Focused on the deep ploughing of audio technology, it is committed to providing comprehensive audio and video solutions for users, integrating systems such as public broadcasting, internal communications, high-definition pick-up, and professional sound expansion. The SPON is not only a product manufacturer, but a professional voice and video solution provider.

On this exhibition, SPON exhibits the intelligent campus, traffic and transport broadcasting, intelligent building broadcasting, park / scenic broadcasting, prison broadcasting, emergency broadcasting and other industry solutions, and applies the leading audio technology to various industries and continuous innovation, development, deeply interpreting the theme of "Boundless Audio-visual , Intelligent Future".

Wonderful scene

The staff will introduce new high-quality products to the guests with professional explanations, and guide the customers to use them practically, so as to create the best experience for customers.



The staff is patient to explain the demonstration to the customer


Exhibition media interview


New products display


There are many new products appearing in the exhibition area of intelligent campus, attracting attention at the exhibition site.



IP active speaker


IP PA Server

The intelligent classroom management platform is integrated with the intelligent classroom, the safe campus, the safe dormitory and the class access. It is designed for the construction of primary and secondary school classes and the needs of the multimedia intelligent classrooms in various colleges and universities.

Traffic and transport broadcasting solutions provide the customers with the functions of public broadcasting, visual intercom and information release, which effectively solve the problems of the daily management and emergency command of the expressway, and improve the overall management comprehensive benefits.

The integrated sound and video management platform of the prison broadcasting system integrated with alarm help, visual talk, deterrent broadcasting, monitoring, emergency command, noise alarm, recording and video and other common functions.

SPON intelligent building broadcasting system can carry out centralized management mode, support fire fighting linkage, daily background music play and emergency information release, and provide the users with more intelligent and safe information building broadcasting system.

The emergency radio exhibition area shows a set of emergency broadcast solutions for the full coverage of urban and rural areas, which provides a reliable guarantee for emergency response and efficient emergency command.


The park exhibition area shows a set of park and scenic spot broadcasting system with high stability, comprehensive, intelligent, diversified and so on. SPON hopes can meet you at next exhibition.

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