2019 Guangzhou·China Prolight+SoundExhibition

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On February 24th, the 17th China(Guangzhou) International Professional Prolight+Sound Exhibition in 2019 kicked off at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. This year's show focused on the latest developments in audio-video system integration in the fields of lighting, audio, communications and conferences and KTV. A total of 1,300 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions were ushered in.

As the leading solution provider of audio and video as the core, SPON has demonstrated the core technologies and innovations of IP intercom, IP PA and IP sound pickup. The highlights of the six major modules of the SPON have attracted thousands of customers to come and experience.Below, let's take a look at the wonderful moments on the SPON exhibition.

Conference Amplifying System

SPON intelligent conference amplifying system is designed for the Education Bureau and the school to realize conference amplifying, sign-in, conference file browsing, voting, live video tracking, remote video conference, conference control and other functions.


The system covers a series of humanized high-tech designs such as centralized management and switching of audio and video signals in the conference, and realizes one-button control of the conference.

Scenic Area IP PA System

The system adopts IP network architecture, with audio and video technology as the core, and fully applies high-quality transmission and intelligent volume adjustment technology to used in the system.'


In the management of the user system, the business management process is optimized to make the operation more convenient and simple, and the scenic area operation becomes more orderly and safer.

In terms of the experience of tourists, we create a smart scenic spot and enhance the interaction with tourists on the basis of protecting the personal safety of tourists, so that all departments of the scenic spot can better serve tourists in all aspects and bring more comfortable and better tourist experience to them.

Campus IP PA System

SPON campus IP PA system adopts all-digital, intelligent and integrated design. With the new campus model as the core, it gathers a variety of business needs, including Intelligent teaching, emergency broadcasting, business broadcasting, background music, the alarm call, one key for help intercom, video linkage, remote control, video command, electronic class command functions into an organic whole, Facilitates the construction of a one-stop efficient, economical and humanized digital campus.


Emergency IP PA System

Centering on the emergency management concept of unified command,  permanent service, sensitive response, linkage between upper and lower levels, and combination of peace and war, SPON emergency IP PA system has built an emergency disaster warning system integrating policy, scientific and technological publicity, information release, emergency response and disaster warning.


The system combines wired network transmission and wireless FM transmission, and adopts the latest "cloud broadcasting" technology, which breaks through the performance bottleneck of a single server, supports multi-level cross-regional broadcasting, and builds an emergency broadcast system throughout the province and even the whole country.

Intelligent Building IP PA System

SPON intelligent building IP PA system designs different broadcasting implementation methods according to different broadcasting areas of different buildings, different broadcasting functions and different broadcasting needs of each time period, and controls the entire building broadcasting system, integrating background music (sub-region, time zone) and inserting warm prompt voice, fire-fighting broadcast, one-button broadcast, broadcast (wide area, partition, terminal) paging, video linkage and other functions in one.


Solve the problems of current building security management and improve the management efficiency, and achieve unified management and real-time monitoring.

Transportation IP PA System

SPON transportation IP PA system is based on digital, integrated, networked, intelligent, audio processing and other advanced technologies, including emergency broadcasting, business broadcasting, background music, the alarm call, one key for help intercom, video linkage, remote control, video command, electronic class command functions into an organic whole. It aims to improve emergency alert capability, traffic management efficiency and emergency alert capability.

Under the current trend of technology convergence in the professional audio and video and IT fields, as the industry's leading provider of audio and video solutions, SPON will be committed to the development of the audio and video field and continue to deepen, aiming at different application scenarios to launch high-quality, intelligent products, to provide high-quality overall solutions for the industry. In the future, SPON will actively respond to the emerging application needs and complex and ever-changing challenges, and strive to create greater value!


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