Hit 2018 Beijing·China Security Expo

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 2018 Security Expo Opening at the Beijing· China International Exhibition Center.SPON performed splendid as one of the “Made in China·top ten invisible champions” in the security field


“9 themes”booth highlights.Attracted thousands of customers to come to experience.Let’s pass through the huge crowd and see what is amazing.

Advanced platform technology
The XC-9000 platform is upgraded to the old system platform around the user's audio and video intelligent application requirements, with open, standardized product compatibility and stronger service capacity. After a rigorous market test,it is getting closer to the user's application needs.


“Efficient”Whistle capture system
The newly launched automobile whistle capture system of SPON adopts the microphone array technology with optimized configuration, through the high-precision synchronous acquisition and positioning of the whistle sound, the sound is not only "audible", but also "visible".

Global advantages: plug and play without any calibration; can adapt to different types of capture machines to meet customer's customized needs; delivered to be in motion with independent package.

Comprehensive HD pickup combination
SPON is the lead manufacturer to successfully apply artificial intelligence technology to the audio monitoring field. The professional IP network voice technology has drastically expanded the application of audio data in the security field and is perfectly integrated with the video surveillance system.


Public security justice solution

SPON takes the lead in introducing innovative technologies combining "IP public broadcasting" + "IP internal intercom" + "IP pickup", integrates the prison network, and conducts unified registration and management of IP audio terminals at all levels of front-end cells, duty rooms and command centers.

It integrates a variety of artificial intelligence AI technologies, such as face recognition, voiceprint recognition, speech recognition, and keyword recognition to assist prisons to achieve security and management improvement, improve efficiency, reduce costs, emergency management and work modes revolution.

Integrated corridor solution

SPON integrated corridor solution integrates dispatch management on the basis of mature integrated corridor solution. On the basis of expanding various practical functions of the current integrated corridor, it realizes intelligent automatic processing of problems, and truly achieves “Supervised and controllable.”


Shining project solution

SPON shining project solution introduces highly integrated, hard real-time, strong extensibility, reliable visual command and dispatch system, integrating alarm, video command and dispatch, audio conference and remote training integration, seamlessly integrating shining project monitoring system integrated management platform, implements an intelligent management model to truly achieve “visible and controllable”


Highway solution
SPON transportation industry solution integrates digital, integrated, networked, intelligent, audio processing and other advanced technologies to achieve multi-level management, intercom and one-button alarm, multi-sector union operations; flexible management mode, devoted to satisfying users’ needs.

We will continue to adhere to the user-oriented, dedicated to the acoustics of the security industry and the research of audio products, and constantly explore the technical application of sound transmission, using sound to connect you with the security and the world.


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