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What is IP paging system and some of its advantages?

What is IP paging system and some of its advantages?

IP Paging Alerts Your Entire Network
Broadcasting messages across your entire organization has never been easier with IP paging from SPON Communication.

Who needs IP paging? Any organization from schools, medical offices, car dealerships, or manufacturers that needs to quickly and effectively alert an entire team or, just a small group, can benefit from the advanced features and functions now available from IP paging systems.

IP paging is not the dusty old paging system you’re used to. With network based IP paging systems you’ll enjoy a quicker and more flexible installation than traditional wired, analog systems and you’ll eliminate the need for separate voice and data networks. IP Paging goes beyond just bringing voice to groups of people. 

Spon Communication can design the perfect system for you needs. Whether your application for indoor or outdoor use, SPON has everything from IP loudspeakers, IP horns, IP paging console, IP amplifiers ,IP clocks, , and one-way or two-way communication devices for the most complete notification network you can imagine.

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