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Intercom System In Transport Center

1. One-touch call: One-touch call from transport site to duty room to realize full-duplex intercom.
2.Call transfer: The system supports Busy line transfer, Power-off transfer, No-response transfer, Time-period transfer, Manual transfer.
3.Broadcasting:The PA system can be expanded based on existing network.
4.Monitoring and recording:The system supports audio and video monitoring around IP terminal and recording of each call automatically
5.ONVIF protocol: Available for directly connecting to the mainstream NVR to realize audio and video recording synchronously for traceability.
6.Racket and tamper alarm:The IP terminal will alert server automatically when detecting racket and it will also emit alarm bell when someone tries dismantling it.
7. Video backtrace:The console(for NAS-8531V only) in duty room can display both real-time and backtrace video of IP terminal during intercom.
8.Image upload:To intercept and upload automatically the terminal's current video image to screen of console(for NAS-8531V only) in duty room which is busy when calling.
9.Linkage:The system supports to link video surveillance system to pop up front end video automatically and to link VoIP telephone system/analog phone system to realize two-way intercom with IP /analog phone etc.

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Changsha SPON Communication Technology Co., LTD was established in 2002 with over 20000 Square meter workplace . It is a national high-tech enterprise which has own core intellectual property and innovative research & development capabilities. We have rich experience in IP video and audio products and PA system products.
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