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In corporate using SPON professional audio system such as IP POE intercoms ,IP POE speakers ,IP Alarm Matrix ect. , you can receive background music playing , emergency alerting and daily announcements . Successful corporation is using business music and speech privacy as a medium to create an happy business trip which can attracts and retains them.

With technology developed fast , the world has already entered a new Area which is constantly pursuing the improvement of life and spiritual quality. Since IP-based communication infrastructures are with cost friendly, easy installation method, fast maintain services and more powerful scalability with other system feature,they have come the Corporate 's top priority choice.

Control Room
In Control Room , after successfully configure SIP trunk with other SIP server , our IP video desktop station with microphone can allow operator to get audio or video communication with each SIP phone or SPON IP video endpoints freely.
Features of The 9000 SPON system
A. with SIP trunk configuration , it can allow to integrate with standard SIP server.
B.Four extension ,namely map extension, scene extension, video extension, grid extension, let the operation more simple and allow the SPON system to integrate with CCTV camera.
C. Multi-cascade server. One hundred server can be cascade to allow managing 100,000 SPON endpoints.  
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Features of The 9031NV SPON IP video station with microphone.
A.H.264 or H.265 and 1300 MPX HD camera can allow the operator to enjoy a high resolution video communication .
B.With 10.2 inch LCD screen and Bluetooth receiver can facilitates operator s operations
C.POE power supply design 
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Office Areas

In office Areas , installer can use The SPON Network Amplifier to connect numerous surface mounted speakers or in ceiling speakers as per your real environment to receive high quality music playing , daily or emergency announcement
Features of The 2301 SPON amplifier
The 2301 IP to analog amplifier is an all in one amplifier solution which allow people to realize audio communication , public address to speaker or use as a decoder to connect with analog PA amplifier. With 4 four local input sources , you can connect with wireless microphone, DVR player , wired-microphones to realize local audio delivering to anyone.
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Features of  The 111 SPON in ceiling speaker
With ABS shell and iron net cover , installer can deploy it at the office areas to receive daily announcement.
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Features of The 2305 SPON surface mounted speaker
With 90dB Sensitivity and 30W rated power , it is mainly used in common place of office areas
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Underground parking lot

In underground parking lot , it can deploy an obvious IP emergency call box to allow people to call the control room when they need help.
Features of  The 8523C or D emergency call box
A.Single button (dual button) design, applicable to consulting service, emergency intercom, being able to realize full duplex intercom.
B.Supporting PoE (Power over Ethernet).
C.Supporting initiating & receiving offline intercom without centralized management server software.
D. Built-in digital audio processor and digital noise reduction technology, effectively improve the voice collection distance and sound quality.
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Outdoor Areas
In outdoor areas , usually can use an IP waterproof column speaker and an IP video emergency call box to enjoy high quality crisp background music and an high resolution video communication.
The 9603A SIP waterproof column speaker
A.With IPX5 protection grade &  Compatible with standard SIP
B.Built-in ambient noise sensor, ensuring the volume of the speaker will be automatically adjusted according to the ambient noise level, to realize continuous crystal clear voice intelligibility.
C.Built-in stereophonic Class-D power amplifier (30W/60W/120W).
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Features of The 9241V SPON video intercom
A.Built-in 40W digital amplifier module, available for connecting external column loudspeaker (8Ω) or horn speaker (8Ω).
B.Integrated 1080P ultra-wide angle HD digital camera (diagonal viewing angle: 160°) for H.264 video streaming to video paging console, Android & IOS smartphone App or other video intercom terminal, equipped with infrared fill-in light.
D.With IPX6 waterproof protection &Compatible with standard SIP
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Hazardous Areas 
In Hazardous Areas where communication with staff is very important , our products are sturdy and safe . Our product is widely used in hazardous areas such as high noise , heavy dust , strong acid and alkali situation.
Features of The 9201 SPON audio intercom
A.Aluminium alloy casted shell, with strong anti-riot property.
B.Equipped with numeric keypad, supporting full duplex intercom to any designated terminals.
C.Built-in 30W digital amplifier module, available for connecting external column loudspeaker (8Ω) or horn speaker (8Ω).
D.Supporting PoE (Power over Ethernet).
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