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SPON IP-based Solution for Education

SPON Communication helps securing your school so that educators can teach and students can learn in a better environment. Our endpoints facilitates the school and buildings communication for emergency use and daily use . After deploying SPON IP PA SYSTEM and IP Intercom system such as IP wall mounted speaker , IP paging microphone, IP amplifiers , it can realize daily announcement , belling , communication, message and clock displaying.

Administration Areas
SPON provides administrators, principals, and authorized faculty members with system control and supervision. During a critical event, visual notifications can be quickly accessed keeping students and faculty safe.
It can allow administrator to create different daily announcement events, trigger emergency public broadcast and see real-time video of IPC deployed in different places
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 IP 9038 Communication station with touchscreen
The IP communication station with touchscreen is equipped with two AUX, one USB interface, and one alarm in. It facilitates administrator ‘s operation via using its APP and the device itself.  
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Classroom Areas  
SPON SYSTEM provides classroom audio communication with other zones . The same system provides emergency notification alerts and teacher’s sound amplification.
The 9602B SIP wall mounted speakers
It can drive a deputy wall mounted speaker and enhances teacher’s sound volume using together with a wireless microphone. The same speaker also can receive emergency notification from different zone by using a SIP phone after the SIP phone login SPON system.
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The 5059C U HF microphone
The wireless microphone can capture and enhance teacher’s sound volume.
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The Clock and The wireless microphone
The SEC-M1101A clock provides time displaying .The wireless microphone can capture and enhance teacher’s sound volume. 

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Hallway Corridors and Common Areas

SPON system provides wide range of audience coverage allowing people to easily hear daily announcements and emergency messages.
The 9508 IP  amplifier
It can used as a audio decoder to connect PA amplifiers or used as an IP amplifier to drive necessary speakers. Using its SIP protocol , amplifier can receive the emergency messages and deliver to speaker from different zone by SIP phone under the premise of SIP phone login SPON system.
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Indoor and Outdoor Athletic Areas 

SPON system provides daily announcements throughout the indoor and outdoor athletic Areas. Most importantly it is very cost-friendly and can meet daily use.
The POE 9615 SIP Horn Speaker
The POE 9615 SIP Horn is an weather-proof and dust-proof speaker
with IP65 protection. This Horn is also a full compliant 3
rd party SIP endpoints . As a consequence ,it can well compatible with premise-based Voip telephone systems .
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The 2301 IP amplifier
The 2301 IP amplifier is an all in one amplifier solution which allow people to realize audio communication , public address to speaker or use as a decoder to connect with PA amplifier. With 4 four local input sources , you can connect with wireless microphone, DVR player , wired-microphones to realize local audio delivering to anyone.
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Cafeteria Areas

The SPON SYSTEM provides background music playing to smooth the students' mood from heavy learning and to let them enjoy a better dining environment.  
The 9610 SIP in-ceiling speaker
It is mainly provide daily announcements and background music playing .The speaker’s POE feature can facilitates installation.Simultaneously its multicast feature can allow it to receive temporary announcements from the SIP Phones and multicast to different SIP ceiling speakers . During broadcasting , the speaker can make dynamic volume control responsive to ambient noise levels.
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Performing Arts Areas

Performing Arts Areas uses SPON professional sound system for audio play back and live performance.
The 9604 column line array speaker
Possessing four speaker units in 3 inch , it can be perfectly close to the original sound . Its High visibility clock feature allows students to master time during speech. Simultaneously it can display tailored messages during clock display. The speaker is built-in wireless receiving module. As a result it can use together with U HF microphone. 
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Changsha SPON Communication Technology Co., LTD was established in 2004 with over 20000 Square meter workplace . It is a national high-tech enterprise which has own core intellectual property and innovative research & development capabilities. We have rich experience in IP video and audio products and PA system products.
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