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SPON IP based solution for Hospital

Nowadays traditional public address cannot meet the needs of modern hospital now with the technology developed fast . The hospital need more stable and more powerful system with more crisp sound quality and easier operations.
Control Room
SPON provides doctor , patient with system control and supervision. During a critical event, visual notifications can be quickly accessed keeping doctor and patient safe. In common days , a crisp music can keep them released pressure.
It can allow administrator to create different daily announcement events, trigger emergency public broadcast and see real-time video of IPC deployed in different places
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IP 9038 Communication station with touchscreen
The IP communication station with touchscreen is equipped with two AUX, one USB interface, and one alarm in. It facilitates administrator ‘s operation via using its APP and the device itself.  
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Common Areas
In common areas , SPON can provide public address, alarm notifications, patient monitoring and voice paging.
The 9508 SIP amplifier
It can used as a audio decoder to connect analog amplifiers or used as an IP amplifier to drive necessary speakers. Using its SIP protocol , amplifier can receive the emergency messages and deliver to speaker from different zone by SIP phone under the premise of SIP phone login SPON system.
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Outdoor Areas
The 9242V emergency call box
●Built-in 40W digital amplifier module, available for connecting 2*20W external column loudspeaker (8Ω) or horn speaker (8Ω).
●Integrated 1080P wide angle HD digital camera for H.264 video streaming to video paging console, Android & IOS smartphone App or other video intercom terminal, equipped with infrared fill-in light.
●Compatible with standard ONVIF protocol, can be directly connected to mainstream NVR or other third-party storage device for video recording & traceability.
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The 9603A Outdoor SIP speaker
● Built-in stereophonic Class-D power amplifier (30W/60W/120W).
● Adopting waterproof structure, with IPX5 protection grade.
● Supporting remote volume adjustment of the speaker on the server software.
● Compatible with standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)
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Counter Place in hospital

The 6502AB IP microphone with customer side
● Mainly used for the audio intercom in bank counter, expressway charging window or hospital registration window.
● Compatible with FTP (File Transfer Protocol), available for the customization of pre-recorded welcome and goodbye voice messages (including "hello, welcome to ..." and "thank you for coming, goodbye").
● Equipped with 1×Recording Output interface for synchronized audio recording via third-party recording device like DVR.
● Equipped with 1×Recording Output interface for synchronized audio recording via third-party recording device like DVR.
● Being able to realize remote calling & being called, two-way hands-free intercom with the remote microphone in the administrative office.

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