IP Audio Amplifier

Item No.: XC-9508
Suitable for WAN distributed application, supporting network management and independent system management as well.
>1U switch shape design. >Simple industrial humanization design, displaying status signal in the front panel, all of the switches and volume knobs are placed in the back panel, to reduce the unprofessional operation.
>Built-in high-efficiency digital amplifier, 100V constant voltage output, efficiency is over 90%. >Integrated with front signal input interfaces (1×Mic Input,  2×Auxiliary Line Input, 1×Network Audio Input), independent volume adjustment for every audio channel.
>Supporting balanced signal input, significantly reduce the noise caused by system connection, improve the SNR of the system. >Built-in bulk storage, supporting the remote update of timed task and the triggering of task by alarm signal.
>Supporting offline broadcasting, automatically enabling the local broadcasting during network interruption. >Possessing 1×Alarm In and 1×Alarm Out, with optional built-in 24V forced-cut power output for the forced-cut volume controller.
>International wide voltage power design, with strong adaptability of the power supply. >Built-in complete protection circuit, supporting overload protection, thermal protection, lightning protection and surge protection.
>Integrated with standard RJ45 network interface, accessible to the system when Ethernet is available, supporting crossing network segment and router.  


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