SPON Communications' IP Public Address System


Campus public addressing is vital for school education and teaching. SPON Communications' IP Public address system, powered by our advanced XCoIP™ technology, offers a flexible and robust solution. It overcomes the limitations of traditional systems with superior sound quality, unrestricted transmission, interactivity, and remote management. Our system integrates campus safety features, including one-touch alarm and communication assistance. With easy installation using existing computer networks, it saves costs and provides unlimited coverage. Expandable and versatile, it supports multiple zones and two-way intercom. Enhance your campus with our feature-rich, practical, and convenient IP PA system.

System Design

This solution strictly adheres to the school's design requirements and integrates with the building structure and design standards to provide a comprehensive campus public address system. It aims to achieve the following objectives and benefits:

  • Precise scheduling: Automated and manual control of public address, aligned with teaching and daily activities.
  • Centralized and remote control: Administrators can manage the system from anywhere on campus.
  • Remote communication and paging: Public addressing messages from any office or location on campus.
  • Emergency Public addressing: One-touch emergency public addresses for critical instructions during emergencies.
  • Flexible zoning: Customization zones for different content playback.
  • Local sound amplification: Voice amplification within classrooms.
  • Playground assembly support: Clear and powerful sound reinforcement during assemblies.
  • Reliable audio quality: High-quality sound for listening exams.
  • Enhanced campus security: Emergency alarm and communication features for safety.


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