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The Great Wall, China
The Badaling Great Wall, located in Yanqing County of Beijing City, Guan mountain road north. Is an important part of a great defense project Great Wall in ancient China, is a mountain in the Great Wall. The Badaling Great Wall is an important outpost of Juyongguan, called "the risk of not in Juyong Guan and in Badaling".
The Badaling section of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty is called "jade gate barrier", one of the eight Guan Ming Dynasty pass. Badaling Great Wall is the Ming Great Wall to the earliest areas open to visitors, the Badaling scenic area to the Badaling Great Wall, construction of the Badaling Hotel and President Jiang Zemin personally autograph by China Great Wall Museum, and other functions of modern tourism service facilities.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Assumenda deleniti eaque eum exercitationem fugit in, ipsum, itaque minus molestias nam nobis officia quidem quisquam ratione recusandae reprehenderit veniam vero voluptates! A ad aspernatur autem corporis, culpa deleniti dignissimos id in iure, laudantium magnam maxime
Badaling scenic spot is a national civilized scenic area demonstration, with its magnificent landscape, perfect facilities and profound cultural and historical connotations is known to the world, is the world famous tourist attraction.
Tiananmen Square,
Tian an men - the 21st century China's political and cultural core mark buildings, is known as "China's top", has been a dream in the stage of top international security equipment suppliers . In 2010, SPON eager to live up to expectations, new emergency system settled in Beijing's tiananmen square, become guardian "China top" security system important one, this also is the 2009 world nation communication products successful equipment a strategic get another important award.
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