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SIP Echo Wall-Mounted Speaker

Item No.: XC-9604
Mainly used for voice paging, local sound reinforcement, bell ringing & time synchronization in school classroom, conference room and other indoor environments.
Description Specifications Wiring Diagram Dimensional Drawing
● Wall-mounted design.
● Integrated with network audio decoding, digital amplifier, speaker and LED clock.
● Adopting embedded industrial grade chip, with start-up time ≤ 3 seconds.
● Built-in stereophonic Class-D power amplifier (40W/8Ω), CD quality sound output.
● Bass reflex full-range speaker, aluminum alloy body design, adopting 4×3" full-range loudspeaker unit, perfect sound reproduction of human voice and music.
● Supporting offline bell ringing function, integrated with high-capacity SD card, being able to import timed task from the server software and automatically implement the broadcasting task when the speaker is offline.
● Supporting NTP (Network Time Protocol) automatic time synchronization function, effectively avoid timed task anomaly caused by long time offline state.
● Integrated with LED lattice display screen for time & text synchronous display, built-in clock chip for time display when the speaker is offline.
● Equipped with 1×3.5mm Audio Line Input interface which can be connected to external audio source.
● Equipped with 1×3.5mm Audio Line Output interface which can be connected to active speaker.
● Built-in 7 band digital audio equalizer, being able to adjust the sound effect according to the sound environment of the installation site.
● Supporting remote volume adjustment of the speaker on the server software.
● Compatible with standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), can be registered to VoIP telephone system (mainstream IP PBX such as CUCM, Asterisk, Yealink, etc.) independently.
● Equipped with 10/100M RJ45 network interface, accessible to the system wherever Ethernet is available, supporting cross-segment and cross-router.

● Optional: wireless transceiver module & NCS-29 2.4G wireless microphone.
Power Supply & Consumption: AC 220V 50Hz, ≤65W
Network Protocol: TCP/IP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, IGMP, FTP, SIP
Built-in Amplifier: 40W/8Ω Class-D Power Amplifier
Network Chip Rate: 10/100Mbps
Audio Sampling & Bit Rate: 8kHz~44.1kHz, 16bit, 8kbps~320kbps
S/N & Frequency Response: ≥80dB, 100Hz~16kHz
Language: English
Interface: 1xRJ45, 1x3.5mm Audio Input, 1x3.5mm Audio Output, 1xPower Input
Working Temperature & Humidity: -10℃~45℃, 10%~90%RH (Not Condensing)
Dimensions & Weight: 1580x111x109mm, 8.27kg


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