SIP POE Wall-Mounted Speaker (Indoor 2×30W)

Item No.: XC-9602B
Mainly used for voice paging, local sound reinforcement, bell ringing & time synchronization in school classroom, office building, conference room and other indoor environments.
Description Specifications Wiring Diagram Dimensional Drawing
● Wall-mounted design.
● Integrated with network audio decoding, digital amplifier and speaker.
● Adopting embedded industrial grade chip, with start-up time ≤ 3 seconds.
● Built-in stereophonic Class-D power amplifier, CD quality sound output.
● Power Output: 2×30W/8Ω (DC Adapter), 2×10W/8Ω (POE).
● Bass reflex subwoofer design, adopting 5" bass unit and 3" tweeter unit, excellent sound reproduction of human voice and music.
● Supporting offline bell ringing function, integrated with 2G SD card, being able to import timed task from the server software and automatically implement the broadcasting task when the speaker is offline.
● Supporting NTP (Network Time Protocol) automatic time synchronization function, effectively avoid timed task anomaly caused by long time offline state.
● Equipped with 2×3.5mm Audio Line Input interface which can be connected to external audio source.
● Equipped with 1×3.5mm Audio Line Output interface which can be connected to active speaker.

● Equipped with 1×Amplifier Output interface which can be connected to NAC-301H (30W) auxiliary passive speaker.
● Equipped with 1×USB 2.0 interface, can be connected to LED clock for time & text synchronous display.
● Built-in 7 band digital audio equalizer, being able to adjust the sound effect according to the sound environment of the installation site.
● Supporting remote volume adjustment of the speaker on the server software.
● Compatible with standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), can be registered to VoIP telephone system (mainstream IP PBX such as CUCM, Asterisk, Yealink, etc.) independently.
● Supporting PoE (Power over Ethernet).
● Equipped with dual 100M RJ45 network interface, accessible to the system wherever Ethernet is available, supporting cross-segment and cross-router.

● Optional: constant voltage backup module (automatically switch from "IP public address" to "analog public address" whenever network anomaly occurs).
● Optional: NAC-301H (30W) auxiliary passive speaker.
● Optional: wireless transceiver module & NCS-29 2.4G wireless microphone.
● Optional: SEC-M1101A LED clock (connected with the IP speaker via USB interface to realize time & text synchronous display).
● Optional: SEC-M1301A circular clock (connected with the IP speaker via USB interface to realize time synchronization).
Power Supply & Consumption: DC 24V/2.7A, ≤70W
PoE (Power over Ethernet): IEEE802.3af
Network Protocol: TCP/IP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, IGMP, FTP, SIP
Network Chip Rate: 10/100Mbps self-adaptive
Audio Decoding: G.711a, G.711u, PCM, MP3
Maximum SPL: 92dB±3dB
Sensitivity: 86dB±3dB/W/M
Audio Sampling & Bit Rate: 8kHz~44.1kHz, 16bit, 8kbps~320kbps
S/N & Frequency Response: ≥85dB, 50Hz~16kHz
Network Delay: ≤30ms
Power Output (DC Adapter): 2×30W/8Ω
Power Output (POE): 2×10W/8Ω
Language: English
Interface: 2xRJ45, 1xUSB 2.0, 2x3.5mm Audio Input, 1x3.5mm Audio Output, 1×Amplifier Output, 1×Constant Voltage Backup Input (Optional), 1xPower Port
Working Temperature & Humidity: 0℃~45℃, 10%~90%RH (Not Condensing)
Dimensions & Weight: 290x215x117mm, 3.7kg


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