System Software Package

Item No.: XC-9000
Managing IP intercom and PA system, B/S framework,  support 1000 sets IP terminals, with SDK to integrate the third party

System package consists of server software and other auxiliary software.     

XC-9000 is a pure software server which requires only low investment and operating costs because of its strong performance and good scalability, it adopts mainstream server configuration to the stability of the primary considerations, we recommend tower or rack-mounted server and it supports operating systems of Linux, Windows10/Server




Table view

Grid view


For managing all the IP paging microphones, intercom and PA terminals.
1. Based on B/S architecture, cross-platform application for convenient maintenance and upgrading;
2.To cover all features of traditional PA system: Including programming scheduled ringing tasks, business voice broadcast, BGM and rebroadcasting radio programs etc; Available for settings of management of broadcast zone and broadcast permission;
3. To establish a program resource library for meeting the requirement of program broadcast of audio terminals, supportive of establishment of multiple program libraries at the same time;
4.Unified management of terminals in system, Displaying current working status of terminals on main interface, Available for setting s of call targets, call permissions, monitoring permissions and other basic parameters, Available for adjustment volume of any terminal remotely;
5. Available for knowing at a glance online situation of terminals in system, system resources occupation, all kinds of task status etc. on system overview interface
6 Supportive of offline broadcasting, available for pushing media files to be played to terminal in advance and they will be played according to pre-set play strategy
7. Call transfer: With the settings of busy transfer, shutdown transfer, no response transfer and manual transfer etc.
8. Supportive of card view and map view for displaying detailed terminal information and geographic position .
9. Report Query: Available for viewing all kinds of system status, application logs, system logs etc. for knowing system status timely and accurately.
10. User Management: Available for setting up and managing user accounts and roles at all levels and the scope of rights of each role can be defined.
11. Cluster of multi-level server management: To adopt a distributed design and supportive of building multi-level server architecture.
12. To support the 3rd-party platform for secondary development and provide the standard MFC dynamic link library for integration with other system platforms.
13.To support hot backup between primary and standby server and automatic recovery after system crash;



Scene view(Optional)

Map view(Optional)

Video view(Optional)


Suitable for running on computer in control center and linkage with IP network paging microphone.
1. With the function of binding the third-party video equipment (e.g., IPC, NVR) to realize PA and intercom linkage, supportive of viewing login status of all terminals on the main interface and offline terminals are differentiated by colors.
2. The main interface is displayed in four views:
(1) Scene view, Supportive of importing any plan, structure, 3D renderings and multi-level switching.
(2) Map view, Supportive of zoom in and out, terminal location customization.
(3) Video view, To view video quickly and link one-button broadcast, supportive of setting the number of rows and columns.
(4) Grid view, To display running status, supportive of knowing complete terminal information and initiating operation directly.
3. Supportive of choosing zone freely to make voice broadcasting, with two kinds of broadcast methods: 1) To use IP microphone 2) To use computer speaker and microphone directly.
4. No geographic area limitation for the Video console software. Available for initiating broadcast to other terminals as long as it can communicate with the server, supportive of crossing network segment and router.






To run on Android mobile phone for remote management of terminals within the scope of permission.
1. To log in server via Wifi to realize remote management.
2.To manage APP's terminal operation range and function on the server to ensure security.
3.To realize the following functions:
A.To view running status,volume,tasks,etc.information of terminals.
B.With function of live broadcast to play music to designated terminals or zones.
C.With function of voice broadcast to make voice announcement to designated terminals or zones.
D.To manage server audio programs. 


Each server requires a dongle as a professional license which allows 1000 terminals(or paging microphones) to be logged in. The system allows maxium 100 servers interconnection which expands capacity to 100.000 terminals.The purpose of adopting hardware dongle is for changing and upgrading server conveniently.





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