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SPON IP based Solution For Transportation
By the deployment of SPON IP endpoints in transportation places , you can realize voice paging , audio or visual alerting and emergency notification. IP based solution is with adva...
SPON IP-based Solution for Education
SPON Communication helps securing your school so that educators can teach and students can learn in a better environment. Our endpoints facilitates the school and buildings communi...
SPON IP based solution for Hospital
As the hospital’s communication system serves for the patients, the system must be user-friendly. SPON provides the best solutions with the intercom system for the hospital.
SPON IP based solution for Jail
The prison is a particular place that mobile phones and other electronic devices are forbidden to be taken in, making it inconvenient to communicate; then how to make sure of the s...
SPON IP based solution for Banking and Finance
SPON bank IP network intercom communication system uses advanced audio processing technology to transmit audio signals in the form of data packets in LAN and WAN. It is a set of ha...
SPON IP based solution for Corporate
In corporate using SPON professional audio system such as IP POE intercoms ,IP POE speakers ,IP Alarm Matrix ect. , you can receive background music playing , emergency alerting an...
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Changsha SPON Communication Technology Co., LTD was established in 2004 with over 20000 Square meter workplace . It is a national high-tech enterprise which has own core intellectual property and innovative research & development capabilities. We have rich experience in IP video and audio products and PA system products.
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