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Smart Pole Solution

Smart Street Lamp/Security Pole Solution

Security Poles with SPON audio IOT reduce event risks

Crimes and accidents commonly occur on busy streets and in bustling areas. While police handle most city problems, they can't always provide immediate help due to time and space constraints. Therefore, CCTV and audio devices can assist people in avoiding danger or getting help before and after incidents occur.

SPON's audio tech strengthens safety in busy cities, filling gaps in immediate police coverage.


Background Music:

Improves citizen well-being.

Smart Audio for Emergencies:

Combines video analytics for automated audio response, enhancing city safety.

Preventive Remote Deterrence:

Controls situations and deters crime before it happens.

Versatile Broadcasting:

Handles emergency announcements, music, and alerts. Operable even without an IP network.

One-Touch Emergency

 Quick access to assistance with real-time surveillance capabilities by intercom station.

Customizable Interfaces

Integrates with third-party systems for efficient communication.

Surveillance Link-Up:

IP Horn Speakers connect with surveillance systems for coordinated alerts and broadcasts.

Easy Installation and Control

Simple setup and network-based device management for flexible operation.

Security Poles Ensure Intervention: Pre, During, and Post-event

1. Record evidence after a incident

When CCTV monitors an area, video alone may not suffice for safety. Integrating surveillance microphones with CCTV enhances security by capturing real-time sounds. These microphones can detect keywords and unusual sounds, triggering alerts on the surveillance platform. In case of an alert, the system records 30 seconds of video and audio both before and after the incident for evidence.

 2. Seeking help during a incident.

In emergencies, people can press the One-Touch emergency button on the SIP intercom station to quickly reach security or police. Full-duplex communication ensures seamless, real-time conversation for faster assistance. Additionally, its 2M Pixel Camera provides a clear view of the scene, enabling video communication for easy identification of any suspicious individuals.

3. Prevent emergencies caused by suspicious individuals

(1) If CCTV spots suspicious behavior, security operators can quickly page specific areas using the SPON paging console or SIP telephone , directing alerts to relevant security poles or smart lamps. They can then broadcast voice warnings through speakers to deter potential criminal activity.

(2)  If a vehicle is parked in a restricted area and detected by CCTV, it triggers an alarm signal to the SPON Audio Management Software. The system then automatically activates a preset task, broadcasting a voice announcement to the vehicle's owner through the speakers.

Product Application

Product Use Cases

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