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SPON Communication's After-sales Warranty.
Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing SPON's products and services! For the products and services sold by our company, we offer the following after-sales warranty policy and Three Guarantees service policy.
Warranty Policy:
Warranty Period:
The warranty period is calculated from the day of shipment:

Warranty Stipulation: In principle, the standard warranty period for our company's general products is 2 years.

Note: If the contract signed with the customer specifies a different warranty period for the product, the warranty period stated in the effective contract shall prevail.

Paid Repairs: For items needing repairs beyond the warranty period, SPON will provide paid repair services in accordance with the "SPON Paid Service Standards."
Scope of Warranty:
Should the product malfunction under normal use and maintenance conditions, our company will provide after-sales services such as technical support, repair, replacement, or return in accordance with the "SPON Communications After-sales Warranty and Three Guarantees Service Commitment."

"Normal use and maintenance conditions" refer to the product being installed, used, maintained, stored, and transported in compliance with the user manual's requirements, and used for its reasonably intended purpose or application.

"Impacting normal use" means the product cannot achieve the functionalities described by its standard performance parameters.
Process of Requesting Repair
If you encounter issues with our products, you can report them in the following manner:

Call our after-sales service hotline at 86-731-85570190. Our professional service personnel will assess the issue upon receiving your call. If necessary, our after-sales technical staff will provide on-site assistance.

Provision of Spare Devices: If a product under warranty malfunctions and under special circumstances where it cannot affect the client's project's normal operation, we can provide a backup device. Please return the faulty product or parts to our after-sales repair department within one week of receiving the replacement device.
Guarantees Service Policy:
Guarantee for Repairs: For a 2-year warranty period (standard duration, specific terms based on the valid contract signed with the customer), SPON will repair or replace parts damaged due to product quality reasons at no charge.

Outside of the warranty period, regardless of whether the damage to the parts is due to human factors or natural wear and tear, SPON will only charge labor fees when replacing or repairing parts.
For any of the following circumstances, our company will not provide Guaranteed services:

• Exceeding the valid warranty period;

• Failures or damages caused by not using, maintaining, or storing the product as per its usage requirements;

• Product malfunctions due to the use of pirated, non-standard, self-made, or third-party software that isn't publicly released;

• Failures or damages caused by abnormal reasons such as falling, squeezing, high temperature, corrosion, foreign object intrusion, or poor electrical environment;

• Failures or damages caused by force majeure factors like natural disasters or wars;

• Product malfunctions due to unauthorized disassembly, repair, or installation without confirmation from our company personnel;

• Products without related documentation or are unidentifiable as dispatched from our company.