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SPON Solution For Hotels

Solution Overview

Core Functions of a PA System in Hotels

1)Background Music for Enhanced Guest Experience:

- Guest Rooms: A tailored background music experience, complementing cozy lighting and top-notch room service, sets the tone for a memorable stay, allowing guests to truly unwind and relax.    

Public Areas: Crafting the right ambiance in hotel communal spaces like lobbies, dining rooms, lounges, and wellness areas with the right music ensures guests feel welcome and at ease throughout their stay.

2) Operational Voice Announcements

 - Streamline operations and enhance guest experience with timely voice announcements for events, promotions, and staff assistance.

3) Emergency Voice Alerts

 - In emergencies, a PA system integrated with fire alarms rapidly communicates evacuation instructions, ensuring safety and minimizing harm.

Types of Hotels

Whether you’re responsible for a boutique hotel or a chain of budget hotels, SPON® IP PA solution makes a noticeable improvement in your hospitality business. We offer audio solutions to improve your business, daily operations, security and guest experience within:

SPON Solution For Hotels

Solution Applications

SPON Solution For Hotels

SPON® Smart Home BGM for Hotel Guest Rooms


Enhance your hotel guest's experience with SPON®'s mini wall mount amplifier:

Integrated Experience:

Complete with a high-definition touchscreen, Bluetooth, FM radio, and local music player, this solution offers a comprehensive audio experience.

Room-Filling Sound:

Its built-in 8-ohm low-impedance amplifier connects seamlessly with 2 coaxial ceiling speakers, providing rich, immersive audio across the entire guest room.


Guests can:
- Play music directly from their smartphone via Bluetooth.
- Tune into various FM radio stations for local flavor.
- Use the micro SD card slot to enjoy their personal playlists.

Effortless Control:

With intuitive controls, guests can easily customize their audio experience, be it adjusting the volume or switching between different music sources.

Compact Design:

As a wall-mounted unit, it complements the room's aesthetics without occupying unnecessary space.

SPON Solution For Hotels

Elevate Hotel Experience & Streamline Operations with SPON® IP PA System


The SPON® IP PA solution excels in enhancing guest experience, facilitating efficient staff-guest communication, and optimizing operational costs in the hospitality industry.

Ambiance Creation:

Using SPON IP amplifiers and passive analog speakers, hotel staff can easily set the mood in public areas with background music or adjust volume levels.

User-Friendly Controls:

With the SPON® IP mini wall mount remote PA controller, areas such as the hotel lobby, dining room, lounge, gym, swimming pool, and corridors can be seamlessly controlled.

Streamlined Communication:

The SPON® IP paging console ensures timely broadcasts for guests and staff from central locations.

Versatile Features:

The system offers PA features like user access control, device management, zone-specific settings, scheduled audio, task prioritization, remote volume adjustments, and performance monitoring.

SPON®'s IP PA solution is tailor-made for hotels seeking to combine superior guest experience with operational efficiency.

SPON Solution For Hotels

Ensuring Safety with SPON® IP PA System in the Hospitality Sector

A hotel's primary obligation is the safety of its guests and staff. In situations of imminent danger, whether from natural disasters like fires and earthquakes or human-induced threats such as terrorist attacks, immediate communication is paramount.

The SPON® IP PA system plays a pivotal role in hotel safety:


Rapid Response:

As a mandatory evacuation system in hotels, SPON®'s IP PA system is a first responder, swiftly relaying critical information.

Integration with Safety Measures:

In conjunction with the fire alarm system, the SPON® IP PA system broadcasts essential evacuation directions throughout the hotel, guiding guests and staff to safety and potentially saving lives.

Versatile Communication:

Whether utilizing pre-set voice messages for common scenarios, making live announcements for real-time instructions, or combining both, the system offers comprehensive control in managing crises.

Complementary to Surveillance:

While video surveillance offers visual insights, the SPON® IP PA system provides actionable directives, ensuring that both guests and staff not only see but also understand the immediate steps to take.

With the SPON® IP PA solution in place, hotels are better equipped to respond to emergencies, safeguarding their reputation and, most importantly, the lives of those within.

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