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Conference System

SPON IP Digital Conference System 

SPON's IP digital conference system merges wired reliability with wireless flexibility. It can simultaneously manage wired and wireless microphone units, making it ideal for small to medium-sized meeting rooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums.

Local Meeting Discussion

Participants request to speak using the microphone's touchscreen, with the chairman approving requests.

Meeting Sign-In

Chairman and participants easily sign in using a button on the microphone once the meeting starts.

Electronic Voting

Participants vote on the touchscreen; results display on all units once voting ends.

Parameter Adjustment

Customize each microphone's settings (ID, name, role, volume, AGC, EQ) via the central unit's web interface.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Connects central unit to devices for music playback or remote video conferences via Bluetooth.

Fire Alarm Integration

Links central unit with PA and fire alarm systems for emergency announcements in the conference room.

System Solution

Meeting Room

Lecture Hall

SPON conference system offers a smart and convenient Conference solution to the public, designed to improve communication in diverse settings. By focusing on reliability and innovation, it aspires to be recognized globally as a trusted solution provider, enhancing collaborative experiences everywhere.

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Main Features

• Core System and Central Unit:
- Versatile System: Suitable for small to medium-sized lecture halls and meeting rooms.
- Central Unit: DC Powers and Monitor all microphone units.
- User Interface: 4.3” touch screen and Multifunctional jog dial for easy setup.
- Connectivity: Ports for Ethernet switch, USB, PTZ camera, and audio processors.

Microphone Units and Interaction:
- 4” Touch Screens: On each unit for sign-ins, voting, and discussion engagement.
- Daisy-Chain Support: Connect up to 42 units to one central unit.
- Superior Audio Capture: Supercardioid condenser mics for clear sound.
- Feedback Suppression: DFS technology enhances speech clarity.

System Reliability and Recording:
- Phantom Power & POST: Ensures continuous operation and looped connection maintenance.
- Quality Transmission: Lossless audio over CAT5e/CAT6.
- Conference Recording: Direct USB recording in AAC format.

Configuration and Remote Integration:
- Web-Based Setup: Customizable microphone settings via web page.
- Plug and Play: Easy addition or removal of microphone units.
- Bluetooth Connectivity: Bluetooth-enabled for phone/computer connectivity and remote meetings on Skype, Teams, Zoom.


Technical Parameter

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