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SPON Enterprise IP PA & Intercom Solution


SPON's integrated intercom and PA system offers centralized, real-time communication within factories. Its unified platform enables full-duplex two-way Communications, zone-specific PA, muti-group conversations, and rapid emergency notifications, streamlining factory communication and enhancing safety protocols.

Solution Key Benefits

1. Instant Conversations:

Enables immediate voice interactions through intercoms, boosting collaboration and communication efficiency over traditional methods.

2. Effective Broadcasting: 

Rapidly disseminates crucial information to targeted or all staff, especially vital during emergencies for ensuring safety.


3. Real-time Oversight:

Monitors equipment and personnel in real-time, offering insights into production, optimizing schedules, and enhancing output quality.

4. Secure Communications: 

Ensures encrypted communications, safeguarding business intel and maintaining employee privacy.

Solution Applications

Control Center with Easy Control Management Server & Paging Microphone:

SPON Enterprise IP PA & Intercom Solution

Unified Oversight: 

The server platform grants the control center comprehensive supervision over both broadcasting and intercom systems, providing instant device status feedback, and facilitating swift issue resolution, enhancing overall system dependability.

Timed or On-Demand Broadcasts: 

The software supports either real-time emergency broadcasts or scheduled music playbacks.

Instant Intercom: 

The Paging Microphone enables direct conversations with various intercom terminals, supporting individual or group chats.

Emergency Response: 

On receiving fire alarms, it immediately initiates emergency broadcasts in the connected areas to expedite evacuation.

IP Paging System for Sub-control Room:

SPON Enterprise IP PA & Intercom Solution

Immediate Communication: 

Utilize the Paging microphone in the Control room for message broadcasts and initiating distant voice interactions.

Multi-point Connectivity: 

Facilitates communication between the central control room, workshops, warehouse offices, and other system endpoints.

SPON Enterprise IP PA & Intercom Solution

Indoor Public Areas:

Corridors, Manufacturing, Cafe :

Equipped with SPON IP Integrated Amplifiers XC-9508 and paired with analog ceiling speakers, areas like corridors, manufacturing workshops, cafeterias, and other indoor locations can benefit from this setup. On a daily basis, it can play background music to enrich the ambiance. In case of emergencies, it doubles as an effective notification system.

SPON Enterprise IP PA & Intercom Solution

Entrance of office:

At the entrances, SPON Video intercom stations, XC-9923DV are installed, facilitating effective video call communications. Additionally, they offer access control features such as facial recognition and remote unlocking capabilities.

SPON Enterprise IP PA & Intercom Solution

Outdoor Public Area

Outdoor Notification

Enterprise outdoor areas feature SPON IP speakers for background music, enhancing the ambiance. When paired with cameras, they also support security alarm linkages.
SPON IP outdoor horn speaker XC-9615 also supports with two-way intercom function, enabling communication during emergency situations.

Outdoor Emergency 

SPON's XC-9242 One-Touch Emergency Call Box, located in the Enterprise Park and garage, facilitates immediate calls to the control room or help center. Additionally, it can integrate with alarm lights and public address speakers, enabling sound and light alerts during emergencies.

SPON Enterprise IP PA & Intercom Solution

Underground Garage

In many underground garages, weak cell phone signals hinder timely communication during emergencies. SPON's Emergency Call Box, when mounted on garage columns, offers remote monitoring. Furthermore, in emergencies, staff can swiftly alert the security department using the call box.

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