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SPON Factory IP PA & Intercom Solution

System Overview

SPON's Factory Intercom & PA System Solution seamlessly integrates voice communication, broadcasting, and scheduling for efficient internal communication and management. Key components include:

1. Control Center: 
Centralizes management using software installed in the management center, allowing real-time monitoring and voice dispatch for all intercom and broadcasting devices.

2. Intercom System: 
Supports two-way voice communication for real-time conversations, whether one-on-one or group chats.

3. PA System: 
Used for broadcasting and emergencies, it ensures quick information dissemination to specified zones or the entire facility.

By implementing SPON's IP intercom and PA system, factories can boost internal communication accuracy, improving overall work efficiency and safety standards.

System Diagram

Solution Key Benefits

1. Real-time Communication: 

Enables swift voice interactions through intercom terminals, improving efficiency over traditional methods.

2. Broadcasting & Notifications: 

Rapidly relays information to all or specific zones, ensuring efficient dissemination and safety during emergencies.

3. Management & Scheduling: 

Monitors intercom endpoints in real-time for insights on production, aiding in personnel and equipment scheduling for optimized efficiency and quality.

4. Privacy Protection: 

Our encrypted and secure channels protect sensitive factory information and maintain employee privacy.

Solution Applications

1、Easy Control Management Server & Paging Microphone in Central Room

SPON Factory IP PA & Intercom Solution

Centralized Management:

Offers real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis, and troubleshooting through its management platform, ensuring system reliability.

Flexible Broadcasting:

Provides scheduled music playback and real-time emergency alerts.

Instant Intercom:

Facilitates real-time communication from the control center to various terminals, supporting both individual and group interactions.

Fire Linkage: 

 Integrates with fire alarms to initiate emergency broadcasts for swift evacuation.

SPON Factory IP PA & Intercom Solution

2、IP Paging System for Sub-control Room

 Efficient Communication:

Enables broadcasting and remote voice intercom directly from the control room.

 Multi-party Interaction:

Facilitates communication between the central control room, workshops, warehouse office, and other system endpoints.

SPON Factory IP PA & Intercom Solution

3、Indoor Public Area

Installed with SPON IP indoor ceilling or wall-mounted speakers in the factory indoor areas such as corridors, manufacturing shop, canteen and other places, can be used for playing background music to enhance the cultural atmosphere on a daily basis, it also can be used for emergency notification. 

SPON Factory IP PA & Intercom Solution

4、Entrance & Exit

Installed with SPON Video two-way intercom endpoint at the entrances of factory manufacturing workshops or warehouses supports video calls for effective communication. Furthermore, these panels can be linked to door locks, allowing direct unlocking through the paging mic in the control room.

SPON Factory IP PA & Intercom Solution

5、Outdoor Public Area

Installed with SPON IP outdoor speakers at the factory outdoor public area can be used for playing background music to enhance the cultural atmosphere on a daily basis. Additionally, when integrated with cameras, it can enable alarm linkage for security purposes. 

SPON Factory IP PA & Intercom Solution

6、Outdoor Emergency Call

SPON IP outdoor horn speaker XC-9615 also supports with two-way intercom function, enabling communication during emergency situations.
Installed with SPON One-button emergency call phone in factory park, garage can make one-touch button emergency call to the control room or help center. It also supports direct connection of alarm lights or public address speakers sound and light alarms can be activated in case of emergency situations.

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