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Banking and Finance

SPON Bank IP PA & Intercom Solution

SPON Bank's IP PA and intercom solution employs cutting-edge XCoIP technology which is based on standard SIP, transmitting audio and video signals in the form of data packets over both local and wide area networks. This approach offers features such as unrestricted transmission distance, and immunity to interference. These attributes greatly enhance the bank's security and management capabilities, facilitating the progression toward intelligent security in banking.

Solution Key Benefits

1. Reliability 

A multi-link mechanism ensures the system's long-term stability and easy maintenance.

2. Openness

Products are standardized, allowing seamless integration with other security systems.

3. Security

Prioritizing technical security, the system shields the bank against threats and unauthorized intrusions, emphasizing defense over performance.

4. Scalability

Designed with future IT advancements in mind, the system is adaptable and upgradeable.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Balancing innovation with practicality, the system ensures high value without compromising functionality.

6. Interference Resistance

The system is built to withstand environmental challenges, considering temperature variations and external disruptions.

Solution Applications

SPON Bank IP PA Solution, control room

1、Control Room

SPON Management Software, stationed in the control room, facilitates cohesive management, registration, naming, data dissemination, and terminal status visualization. Paired with IP Video Paging Consoles, operators can swiftly address emergencies from self-service ATMs, vaults, and other bank locations.

SPON Bank IP PA Solution, vault


SPON IP visual intercoms are installed in vaults for instant assistance calls to the vault or central hub. If staff require access to cash rooms or vaults, they can call central operators for remote door authorization.

SPON Bank IP PA Solution, cash counter

3、Cash Counter

Modern cash counters with glass partitions hinder clear customer-operator interactions. SPON's IP Window Intercom Kit addresses this, enabling operators to activate the internal microphone for seamless communication with customers.

SPON Bank IP PA Solution, ATM

4、ATM location 

IP Split-Type Audio Intercom is installed adjacent to ATMs. In cases of card retention or withdrawal emergencies, customers can utilize its one-touch feature to promptly alert the central assistance team.

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