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SPON Highway IP PA & Intercom Solution

Highway toll booths, service zones, control centers, and tunnels are vital to modern highway infrastructures. They necessitate flawless communication and proficient management to ensure safe and peak performance. SPON offers an extensive IP PA and intercom solution tailored for these diverse settings. This solution guarantees swift and dependable communication, fostering immediate interactions and data exchanges among staff across different sectors. It also robustly fortifies emergency responses and safety oversight.

Solution Key Benefits

1. IP PA and Intercom Integration

Deploy a unified IP PA and intercom system across key highway locations, ensuring continuous communication and swift broadcasting.

2. Emergency Broadcasts

Quickly activate emergency alerts via IP, improving crisis management.

3. Emergency Communication

Emergency call stations are strategically located, enhancing emergency responsiveness for drivers.

4. System Oversight

Management software allows real-time monitoring and recordkeeping, streamlining system management.

5. Reliability

Top-tier hardware and robust network design guarantee consistent performance in challenging settings.

Solution Applications

1、Easy Control Management Server & Paging Microphone in Control Room

SPON Highway IP PA & Intercom Solution

Centralized Command

The platform allows the monitoring center to oversee broadcast and intercom systems, enabling live device monitoring and troubleshooting, enhancing system reliability.

Instant Broadcasting

From the control room, instant announcements can be disseminated to all key areas, improving traffic control and emergency responses.

Direct Intercom

The central control can communicate directly with staff at various locations, facilitating remote guidance and efficient problem-solving.

Recording & Analysis

The SPON server can record communication for later reviews or checks.

Emergency Protocols

In crises, the system’s one-click broadcasting can issue vital directives, improving emergency response precision.

Segmented Broadcasting

The Multi-zones feature lets different areas receive tailored messages, ensuring targeted communication.

2、IP Paging System for Sub-control Room

SPON Highway IP PA & Intercom Solution

Rapid Communication

The sub-control room can broadcast and converse with all its toll stations, ensuring timely guidance in unique situations.

Integrated Communication

The system supports interaction between the main control room, toll stations, and other devices, creating a unified communication network.

SPON Highway IP PA & Intercom Solution

3、IP Intercom Terminal for Unmanned toll station

The Caring Road Companion

With IP intercom terminals at unmanned toll stations, drivers are assured of safety and convenience every step of the way.

Always Connected, Immediate Assistance

Equipped with SPON IP intercom terminals, stay connected to the central or sub-control room at all times. Should there be an accident or an unforeseen event, rest assured you'll receive a prompt response and timely assistance.

User-Friendly and Intuitive

With a hands-free, one-button system, users can directly contact the central control room for any assistance they might require.

Cost-Efficient, Enhanced Efficiency

Eliminate the need for personnel at toll stations, leading to significant cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

SPON Highway IP PA & Intercom Solution

4、IP Intercom Terminal for Manned Toll Station

Seamless Communication with SPON

Every toll station is equipped with SPON's Digital Window Intercom System, ensuring staff can effortlessly communicate among themselves and with the control center.

Tailored for Enclosed Environments

SPON Window Intercom systems are specifically designed for settings where staff operate within closed rooms, ensuring clear communication without compromise.

SPON Highway IP PA & Intercom Solution

5、IP Outdoor speaker for Toll Stations

Equipped with SPON IP outdoor speakers at toll stations, these devices are seamlessly integrated with the station's control room or monitoring center for streamlined management. They facilitate remote voice announcements, guide vehicles, broadcast safety alerts, provide real-time updates on road conditions, and offer policy reminders, ensuring both staff and drivers are well-informed and guided at all times.

SPON Highway IP PA & Intercom Solution

6、Highway Service Area

Instant Communication

With one-touch access, connect directly to the control room for inquiries, assistance, or feedback.

Real-time Notifications

Stay updated with immediate alerts on road conditions, weather, and emergencies for a safer journey.

Improved Breaks

Our system enriches your short stops, offering a peaceful break during your travels.

SPON Highway IP PA & Intercom Solution

7、Highway Emergency Intercom Solution

Instant Emergency Access

SPON's strategically placed intercoms on highways and risk-prone areas provide immediate connection to central management or rescue centers with just a button press.

Quick Location Identification

On activating an emergency call, the system instantly relays the exact location using the endpoint's name, ensuring timely assistance from rescue teams.

SPON Highway IP PA & Intercom Solution

8、Tunnel Emergency System 

Swift Emergency Broadcasts

Our system, with advanced amplifiers and loudspeakers, delivers rapid alerts and instructions, enhancing tunnel safety.

One-Touch Emergency Assistance

Intercom endpoints in tunnels provide direct connections to management or rescue centers, ensuring prompt emergency responses.

Unified Monitoring & Control

A centralized hub oversees all endpoints, ensuring efficient performance and streamlined operations.

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