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Tourist Attactions

Tourist Attractions IP PA & Intercom System

SPON's Smart IP PA and Intercom Solution for tourist attractions delivers high-definition audio and video, ensuring efficient and economical management tailored for user ease. Rooted in SPON's audio-video technological prowess, it integrates two main subsystems: the IP Public Address System and the IP Intercom System. This solution enhances communication and visitor experiences at tourist sites.

Solution Key Benefits

1. User-friendly Design

With a clear workflow and intuitive interface, the system is tailored to diverse user requirements, ensuring easy and efficient use.

2. Superior Audio-Video Quality

Leveraging H.264/H.265 video encoding and Spon's proprietary audio-video techniques, the system delivers real-time, HD imagery and crisp sound.

3. Cost-effective and Robust

Devices within the system can serve multiple roles, reducing redundancy. For example, an IP control console can function both as a broadcast microphone and an intercom. Plus, its embedded system design offers protection against virus threats.

4. Adaptable Control 

With multi-level authorization, the system can delegate varying control depths based on roles. While an emergency center might have full access, regional units might be limited to their jurisdiction. Moreover, higher authorities can override systems for pressing commands, ensuring prompt responses in urgent situations.

Solution Applications

Tourist Attractions IP PA & Intercom System

1、Control Room

Located in the scenic area's monitoring center, the IP PA control center utilizes computer network transmission, bypassing space and distance limitations and allowing two-way digital communication. The system, based on a B/S architecture, includes an IP video paging console in the control hub. Through tailored permissions, it permits broadcasts in any specific zone. In emergencies, the networked visual control host provides prompt aid to tourists.

Tourist Attractions IP PA & Intercom System

2、Security Room

In the security room, IP video paging consoles are stationed to address emergency calls from frontline assistance points. They offer swift responses in crisis situations, guiding on-site staff in emergency management. Furthermore, staff and leadership can leverage a mobile app for broadcasting and initiating intercom conversations.

Tourist Attractions IP PA & Intercom System

3、Outdoor Area of the Scenic Spot

In the ticketing zone, entrances, and main routes of the tourist site, IP Outdoor Column Loudspeakers are paired with monitoring points. These loudspeakers broadcast safety guidelines for tourists, prevention measures, ticket price details, and more. 
Additionally, SPON's intercom systems are positioned outdoors. If visitors need assistance from the central command or security room, they can directly contact the control or security room for support.

4、Outdoor Emergency Call

Tourist Attractions IP PA & Intercom System

In outdoor settings, tourists might face dangers during their visits. SPON's emergency call boxes, XC-9241 and XC-9242, allow tourists to instantly contact security with one-touch emergency. Equipped with an HD camera, they support video intercom with security room devices, providing real-time visuals. Additionally, with two alarm outputs, they can detect and alert disturbances like loud arguments to the server.

5、Indoor Area of the Scenic Spot

Tourist Attractions IP PA & Intercom System

Indoors, we can install ceiling speakers, allowing for the playback of background music. Additionally, in case of emergencies, these speakers can be used to broadcast urgent messages to effectively communicate important information.
In scenic indoor leisure rooms or public areas, SPON's IP integrated Amplifier XC-9508 paired with the indoor ceiling speaker NAC-131 provides attendees with a high-quality audio experience. From background music to emergency broadcasts, it ensures clear and reliable sound transmission, all while boasting a user-friendly design and efficient power output.

6、Counter of the Park Entrance

Tourist Attractions IP PA & Intercom System

At park entrances where tourists purchase tickets or seek information, the SPON window intercom DWT-6502 facilitates clear communication for staff. Its exterior unit functions as both a speaker and a microphone, capturing visitor voices with clarity. The DWT-6502 also features one-touch scene mode adjustment, allowing sound intake to be modified based on ambient noise levels. Moreover, SPON's window intercom supports multi-party communication, enabling multi-way discussions between various ticket counters or information desks when needed.

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