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Ankang Hospital

IP PA & Intercom System for Ankang Hospital

Hospital IP PA & Intercom System

Wuhan Ankang Hospital is a comprehensive hospital that integrates medical treatment, prevention, healthcare, and rehabilitation functions.

Product Requirement

Implementing an internal intercom communication system can enhance the level of intelligent management within the hospital.

Product Design

Practical and functional

The system not only ensures high-definition and smooth intercom communication but also offers a range of practical additional features such as call holding, monitoring, broadcasting, and conferencing. These functionalities prove crucial in urgent situations, allowing for swift information dissemination and task allocation.

Offline Intercom

In the event of a network interruption, the IP network video intercom terminals and IP network video intercom control consoles can continue to engage in offline intercom communication, ensuring uninterrupted communication and the seamless operation of business tasks.

HD Video Intercom

The system employs IP network video intercom terminals with built-in high-definition wide-angle cameras. These terminals feature functions like strong light suppression and backlight compensation, enabling intercom conversations to achieve a face-to-face communication effect. Additionally, the ability to link with environmental cameras enhances the overall communication experience.

Integrated Surveillance

When initiating or receiving intercom calls, the system can automatically display the corresponding video surveillance image of the calling terminal's location, allowing for a timely understanding of the actual situation.

Hospital IP PA & Intercom SystemHospital IP PA & Intercom System

Recommended Products

Hospital IP PA & Intercom System

DWT-6502 IP Window Intercom 

The DWT-6502 IP Window Intercom leverages advanced DSP voice technology for clear HD communication. Designed with user-friendly touch buttons, it offers adaptive modes for various environments and a streamlined single-cable setup. It ensures superior sound with its metal chamber, supports customizable greetings, third-party recording, and allows remote connectivity with monitoring centers. The device excels in both functionality and design, with efficient web management across diverse networks.

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Hospital IP PA & Intercom System

XC-9610  IP PoE Ceiling Speaker


The IP POE ceiling speaker, perfect for offices, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels, delivers clear voice announcements, background music, and emergency alerts. Its "dynamic volume control" adjusts the output based on ambient noise, ensuring optimal clarity in any indoor public setting.

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Hospital IP PA & Intercom System

XC-9038N IP Paging Console 

The XC-9038N IP Paging Console, made from premium aluminum, provides two-way communication through a 4'' LCD. It seamlessly blends external audio, manages 30 terminals with its built-in mini-server, and supports offline intercoms. Additionally, it features live paging, adjustable audio settings, and updates via the Easy Mic APP.

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Hospital IP PA & Intercom System

NAS-8523B/C IP Intercom Station

The NAS-8523B/C IP intercom station boasts a durable brushed aluminum design, ensuring seamless two-way voice communication. With single or dual-button calling options, it functions even during network interruptions and features a tamper alarm. It's PoE-supported, compatible with leading VoIP systems, and integrates with SPON® XC-9000 for added voice features.

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