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Barangay Mariana PA System

IP PA System for Barangay Mariana's Municipal Notification

Mariana, is an administrative division in eastern Metro Manila, the Philippines. It is an urban barangay in Quezon City in a middle class residential and commercial area known as New Manila, which includes Barangay Mariana and the adjacent Barangay Damayang Lagi.

To enhance urban infrastructure and improve residents' living environment, Mariana has installed an advanced IP PA system. This system supports functions such as background music playback, routine public announcements, and emergency notifications.

For this project, SPON provided the XC-9038N IP Paging Microphone, NAC-2503 Horn Speaker, and IP Audio Terminal NAS-8505L.

XC-9038N IP Paging Microphone With Server

The IP paging microphone with server is installed in the control room, allowing staff to make real-time announcements and set background music. In the event of an emergency, it enables one-touch emergency broadcasting.

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NAC-2503 Horn Speaker

The NAC-2503 Horn Speaker features a galvanized steel bracket, providing waterproof and corrosion-resistant properties. With a long sound transmission distance and an efficient amplifier, it is suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions.

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NAS-8505L Digital IP Audio Terminal

The NAS-8505L Digital IP Audio Terminal is designed for wall mounting, equipped with 1 channel of analog audio source input and a local volume adjustment knob. It also has 1 channel of line output, expandable amplifier, and interfaces for 1 channel of alarm input and 1 channel of alarm output. It supports remote configuration and features online upgrade capabilities.

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