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Changsha Hengding Senior School

Campus Professional Public Address System in Changsha Hengding Senior School

Changsha Hengding Senior School is a high-standard, high-quality, and high-achieving private high school. To meet the needs of modern teaching, Hengding Senior School has applied the SPON Conference Public Address System in the indoor sports arena and the lecture hall of the school auditorium.

Conference public address refers to the real-time amplification of the speaker's voice, featuring audio gain adjustment and high-fidelity sound reproduction. This is to meet the daily usage requirements of the sports arena and lecture hall. The system must achieve full coverage of venue sound, ensuring clear and gentle sound quality with high fidelity.

SPON, based on the specific needs of Hengding Senior School and considering the characteristics of the venue architecture and functional requirements, has implemented the main public address equipment using linear array speakers and subwoofers. This setup is complemented by monitor speakers, fill speakers, and feedback speakers.

The installation is strategically positioned to ensure even and comprehensive sound coverage with no dead zones, allowing for authentic sound reproduction. The system architecture is simple and reliable, facilitating easy post-installation management and maintenance.

The SPON Conference Public Address System meets the needs of various large and medium-sized conferences, academic forums, and sports events in the lecture hall and sports arena. This system contributes to Hengding Senior School's efforts in creating a modern campus that integrates ecology, intelligence, and humanities.

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