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Chongqing Park
Chongqing Park IP PA & Intercom System 
Park IP PA Intercom System

Sanhehu Wetland Park in Dianjiang, Chongqing, is a newly established popular landmark park. As the first smart urban park in Dianjiang, it has been designed according to the national 4A-level tourist attraction standards, incorporating smart construction concepts.

The park has become a blend of "leisure sports, healthy tourism, and ecological education," serving as a waterfront urban park that offers a range of recreational activities and promotes eco-friendly awareness.


Solution Key Benefits

1. One-Key Emergency Alarm

2. Deterrence with Warning Lights

3. Broadcast Notifications and Announcements

4. Video Playback and Review

5. Emergency Broadcasting

3、Product Design

Park IP PA Intercom System

Leveraging its advanced technology, SPON's integrated broadcasting and intercom system has been applied in the construction of smart streetlights, creating a smart pedestrian crossing and green corridor within the wetland park. Simultaneously, the system achieves comprehensive coverage throughout the park for targeted broadcasting, enhancing the intelligent broadcasting system.

The multifunctional smart lamp posts not only reduce construction complexity but also improve park infrastructure, enhancing the overall experience for residents during their travels.


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Park IP PA Intercom System

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XC-9137AVE IP PoE Outdoor Video Intercom Station 

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Park IP PA Intercom System

XC-9621A  IP Outdoor Bluetooth Column Speaker

The XC-9621 is an IP65-rated outdoor Bluetooth speaker with a durable aluminum body. Easily configured via web or smartphone app, it offers pristine audio with an integrated decoder, amplifier, and DSP. It supports three inputs and is SIP compliant, seamlessly pairing with VoIP systems and SPON® XC-9000 for enhanced features.

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