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Xixinchan Temple

Cloud PA System for Changsha Xixinchan Temple

Project Background
Xixinchan Temple is located in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. Originally named Xixin An, the temple was founded by Master Han Yue Faczang in the early Qing Dynasty in the year 1620. Comprising structures such as the Mountain Gate Hall, Heavenly King Hall, and Mahavira Hall, the temple boasts a rich history spanning 399 years. Since its establishment, the temple has been a center for Buddhist activities, producing eminent monks such as Ven. Tihui Daosheng, the abbot who played a pivotal role in the revival of Changsha's Kaifu Temple during the late Qing Dynasty. Currently, it is also the birthplace of Ven. Yicheng, the present President of the Chinese Buddhist Association.

Designing a PA system for Xixinchan Temple requires careful consideration of its solemn, dignified, and overall serene atmosphere. There are high expectations for the design, audio quality, performance, and intelligence of the system. How can a reasonable and applicable IP Public Address be crafted for Xixinchan Temple?

For the public address system solution at Xixinchan Temple by SPON, a lightweight and intelligent cloud-based system has been implemented. Strategically positioned ceiling speakers provide effective sound reinforcement in designated areas. These devices feature a sleek and elegant design, delivering high-quality and pleasing audio. The incorporation of background music indoors notably enhances the serene and solemn ambiance of the temple.

Outdoors, in various halls, corridors, and plaza areas, waterproof column speaker have been installed. These column speaker provide high clarity in sound quality, and through the network, they accurately convey the background music from the system's mainframe to every corner of the temple grounds. This comprehensive solution ensures that the ambiance of Xixinchan Temple is enriched both indoors and outdoors, contributing to the overall peaceful and dignified environment.

Additionally, wireless microphones have been equipped to facilitate voice amplification during teaching sessions and ceremonial activities within the temple. The cloud PA system's foremost features include stability, simplicity, and intelligence. One notable aspect is its ability to be monitored and have broadcast music modified through a smartphone app. This not only streamlines the system's operation but also provides the temple with a cost-effective solution by reducing the number of devices required and saving operational time.

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