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Xiamen Coastal Area

Outdoor IP PA Intercom System For Coastal Area

Coastal Area Outdoor PA System 

Xiamen East Coastal Area, with over 91 Square kilometers of sea area and with around 60 kilometer Coast Line.There you can run on runway, appreciate birds and fish groups, Enjoy the sunshine and seawater and so on.

Product Requirements

1. Play background music

2. Publish announcement

3. Emergency Alert

4. Emergency Assistance

Project Design: 

To meet the project requirements, SPON has employed numerous intelligent light columns, integrating the network intercom terminal XC-9137AV and the outdoor network column speaker NAS-8507B. 
In everyday scenarios, the speakers play background music, and in case of emergencies, they efficiently and orderly evacuate the tourists.

When tourists require assistance, they can initiate quick communication with the control room by pressing the button on the XC-9137AV help terminal.

Throughout the entire project, a powerful software system and a reliable command console are indispensable. The XC-9000 IP PA Intercom system management software and the XC-9031NV network paging console have effectively enhanced the efficiency of the staff.

Recommended Products

Coastal Area Outdoor PA System 

XC-9000 Audio Management Software 

SPON Audio Management Software, built on a B/S (Browser/Server) architecture, is a comprehensive communication platform that seamlessly consolidates functionalities like public broadcasting, visual intercom, surveillance, audio capture, and information dissemination.

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Coastal Area Outdoor PA System 

XC-9137AS IP PoE Outdoor Video Intercom Station 

The XC-9137AS by SPON is a durable outdoor intercom with a robust all-metal shell and IP65 rating, ensuring resilience against the elements. This compact station provides seamless two-way voice communication, facilitated by a single-button design and offers offline capabilities during network disruptions. With PoE support and integration with major VoIP systems and SPON® XC-9000, it's a comprehensive solution for advanced voice interactions and live announcements.

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Coastal Area Outdoor PA System 

 XC-9031NV IP Video Intercom Paging Console 

The IP Video Intercom Paging Console, designed for central control rooms, facilitates real-time visual intercom with front-end terminals, aiding in assistance tasks. Featuring a 10-inch screen and a HD 13MP camera with a privacy cover, it employs advanced noise reduction algorithms for crystal-clear communication.

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Coastal Area Outdoor PA System 

XC-9621A  IP Outdoor Bluetooth Column Speaker

The XC-9621 is an IP65-rated outdoor Bluetooth speaker with a durable aluminum body. Easily configured via web or smartphone app, it offers pristine audio with an integrated decoder, amplifier, and DSP. It supports three inputs and is SIP compliant, seamlessly pairing with VoIP systems and SPON® XC-9000 for enhanced features.

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