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Dulwich College Beijing

Public Address System for Dulwich College Beijing

Project Background

Dulwich College International Schools are K-12 schools that offer an adapted English National Curriculum, the IGCSE and then the IB Diploma Programme.

Project Requirements

1. According to the school timetable, campus rings can be played regularly in different areas such as classrooms, playgrounds, canteens, and dormitories;

2. Play background music in public areas to reduce ambient noise and provide a comfortable resting environment for school teachers and students;

3. The principal in the office can page any class or outdoor area and make an announcement;

4. With emergency broadcast function;

Project Design

SPON designed an IP PA system that meets user needs, providing services such as bell ringing, background music, voice broadcasting, and emergency broadcasting for teachers and students in the campus based on the business situation of Dulwich College Beijing.

Bell ringing

The system can be programmed for 7*24 hours fully automatic scheduled broadcasts to meet the school's needs of ringing (for example, ring of attending and finishing class, national anthem, recess exercises, eye exercises, etc.) in different region and different time periods. 


Background music playging

The background music can be programmed to play automatically or can be played manually without programming to meet the music playing needs after school hours.


Paging remot4ely

The principal can page all, part or designated zone via a network paging microphone deployed in the office.


Emergency Broadcast

The PA system can be linked with the fire alarm system. It will switch automatically to the emergency broadcast state to play emergency evacuation and other voice messages in priority after receiving fire alarm signal. It can also manually perform emergency broadcasts via one click.

Project Advantages

Easy deployment and Cost-saving

The system is purely network deployed and connects all core broadcast devices through network cables for easy wiring and saving system construction costs;

Easy maintenance

The system is purely network deployed, with independent device nodes and automatic feedback of device status for easy troubleshooting.

Multi-level account management

The system has multi-level account management functions, and the operation permissions of each account can be customized. Teachers and students operate the system within their respective permissions to avoid system paralysis caused by students' incorrect operations.

Paing accurately

The system is purely network deployed, it is available to page independently at any point without affecting the surrounding area, making it more flexible to use.

Recommended Products

XC-9013 Audio Management Industrial Server

The industrial management server is equipped with a 17-inch HD touchscreen and features a large-capacity SSD for efficient data access and resilience. When installed with IP PA Intercom Software, it becomes the central component of the IP PA Intercom System. It includes one-touch emergency and microphone functions, facilitating swift emergency broadcasts and drills.

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XC-9037N IP Intercom Call Station

The IP Video Intercom Master Station, designed for sub-control or server room use, handles intercom calls from front-end terminals and manages broadcasts. With a 7-inch 1280*800 touch screen, it features a 3W built-in speaker for hands-free communication and real-time monitoring. In emergencies, its one-Touch emergency broadcast ensures swift alerts to all terminals.

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XC-9610 IP PoE Ceiling Speaker

The IP POE ceiling speaker, perfect for offices, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels, delivers clear voice announcements, background music, and emergency alerts. Its "dynamic volume control" adjusts the output based on ambient noise, ensuring optimal clarity in any indoor public setting.

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XC-9603 IP Outdoor Column Speaker

IP Outdoor Column Loudspeaker integrates network audio decoding, digital amplifier, and speaker in one design. It includes large-capacity flash and clock chip for offline broadcasting, loop detection for remote monitoring, and auto volume adjustment based on ambient noise. It supports remote control, personalized settings via WEB page, and online upgrades. With standard RJ45 interface and all-weather construction up to IPX5 waterproof rating, it ensures versatile and durable outdoor audio solutions.

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