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Ecuador Smart City

IP Public Address System in Ecuador Smart City Project

In our ever-evolving urban landscapes, the need for efficient communication systems has become paramount. The Smart City Intercom and Broadcasting Project is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing urban communication in the digital age. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, this project ensures that cities are not just smart but also interconnected, making them safer, more efficient, and better places to live.


SPON Emergency Intercom and Public Address System: Safeguarding Urban Security | Features Emergency Broadcasting, One-Touch Alert, Two-Way Visual Intercom, and More. In case of urgent emergencies, you can easily and conveniently seek assistance using the roadside 'smart' emergency alert system, ensuring your safety is protected."


Mainly Functions

1. Enhanced Safety

The Smart City Intercom and Broadcasting Project bolsters urban safety by facilitating rapid response to emergencies. Residents can quickly report incidents, and authorities can dispatch assistance promptly.


2. Emergency Broadcasting

During special circumstances or urgent situations, the command center or monitoring center can initiate emergency broadcasts, playing notification files, emergency announcements, or issuing operational instructions, thereby enhancing emergency management capabilities.


3. One-Touch Alert

Supporting one-touch emergency calls for immediate assistance, enabling real-time monitoring of the on-site situation, video surveillance, and alarm activation within the surveillance area.


4. Visual Intercom

Achieving full-duplex visual intercom through network visual intercom terminals and the monitoring center, facilitating timely understanding and rapid resolution of on-site emergencies.


SPON IP Outdoor Emergency Call Box specially designed for safe cities and smart scenic areas, it designed with full-metal casing for durability and is weather-resistant for round-the-clock operation. It supports external device connections, allowing the attachment of alarm lights, cameras, and loudspeakers via output interfaces. This versatile all-in-one unit broadens product applications and functionalities.

In the event of an emergency, individuals can use the visual intercom terminal for one-touch alerts, seeking assistance. Subsequently, the alarm light flashes to attract crowds and deter wrongdoers.
Simultaneously, the system connects to the monitoring center, where the top-mounted camera on the alarm column provides a view of the surrounding area. Through loudspeaker broadcasting, the monitoring center can address the scene, fulfilling the needs of those seeking help or deterring unlawful activities.

SPON safeguards safe travel and secures the safe city.


Recommended Products

1. XC-9000 Audio Management Software  

SPON Audio Management Software uses a B/S architecture, combining public broadcasting, visual intercom, monitoring, and audio functions on one platform. It serves as the core server for broadcast and intercom systems, overseeing terminal and media management, user permissions, scheduled and real-time broadcasts, and intercoms. Moreover, it's compatible with third-party system integrations.

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2. XC-9037NV IP Video Intercom Master Station  

The IP Video Intercom Master Station, designed for sub-control or server room use, handles intercom calls from front-end terminals and manages broadcasts. With a 7-inch 1280*800 touch screen, it features a 3W built-in speaker for hands-free communication and real-time monitoring. In emergencies, its one-Touch emergency broadcast ensures swift alerts to all terminals.

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3. IP Outdoor Emergency Call Box XC-9241V

The XC-9241V is a durable IP Outdoor Emergency Call Box with an aluminum alloy shell and IP66 weatherproof rating. It features a 1080P HD wide-angle camera, ONVIF standard compliance, and two-way communication with the IP video master station. This hands-free device also has a built-in amplifier, ensures connectivity even during network failures, and is compatible with most VoIP systems and SPON® XC-9000 software. A tamper alarm provides added security against forceful tampering.

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4. IP Integrated Amplifier XC-9508

The XC-9508 is a 1U-designed IP Integrated Amplifier boasting over 85% efficiency. It features multiple audio inputs with individual volume control, balanced input for reduced noise, and built-in memory for remote updates. With capabilities for offline broadcasts during network disruptions, it also includes protection circuits and a universal RJ45 network interface.

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