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Elite Middle School

SPON CCTV Microphone For Shijiazhuang Elite Middle School

1. Project Background

Shijiazhuang Elite Middle School (hereinafter referred to as the school) was founded in 1993 and is a full boarding senior high school. The school has been recognized by the Provincial Department of Education as a model senior high school in Hebei Province and has been honored as one of the "Top 50 High Schools in Chinese Education." It also held the title of "Tsinghua University Student Source School" continuously from 2017 to 2020.

2. Project Design

In the process of constructing the recording and broadcasting classroom, to achieve the best teaching audio capture effect, the school has used the high-definition active noise-canceling surveillance microphone from the SPON brand, which is installed in the recording and broadcasting classroom.

Compared to the traditional hanging surveillance microphone audio capture method, the SPON high-definition active noise-canceling microphone has the following advantages, such as independent noise reduction, achieving high-definition audio capture.

During the process of teaching recording, classroom equipment such as fans or air conditioning, as well as external environmental noise, can often generate unwanted sounds. If traditional audio capture devices like hanging microphones are used, they may capture various types of noise, which can degrade the quality of the recorded teaching audio, making it difficult to hear the voices of both teachers and students in the recorded files.

The surveillance microphone uses SPON's independent noise reduction algorithm, which has multi-level adaptive noise reduction capabilities. It can automatically and effectively reduce environmental noise, resulting in clear and lifelike capture of teaching sounds with high fidelity.

1、Audio collected under normal circumstances

2、Audio collected after noise reduction using SPON microphone

The audio collected using the SPON surveillance microphone can be used not only for recording by the recording system but also for independent storage. The audio data stored by this device can be applied to educational audio big data analysis, thereby supporting smart teaching.

The application of SPON surveillance microphones has improved the level of recording and broadcasting of educational resources, facilitating the collection and sharing of excellent educational resources and the analysis and improvement of teaching methods. In addition to surveillance microphones, SPON Communications can also provide schools with campus broadcasting, teaching amplification, intercom, and alarm systems to help create a safe and efficient teaching environment for schools.

Recommended Product

TS-915E CCTV Surveillance Microphone

Bind with IPC, Synchronization Sees

Supports Binding with specific model IPC for synchronized audio and video

Voice Alarm, Alert and Calm

Supports voice alarm, capable of triigering alarms by recognizing specific keywords of abnormal sounds, and reporting alarm information to the server platform

Noise reduction, pefect clarity

SPON's surveillance microphones use adaptive noise reduction algorithms to fliter out background noise, ensuring clear audio in various situations.

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