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Guizhou Middle School

Guizhou Huli Middle School - SPON High-Quality Campus Broadcasting System

1、Project Background

Huangping County Fourth Middle School (Huli Middle School) is one of Guizhou's first batch of strong school project schools, nurturing generations of outstanding students. With the development of educational informatization, campus broadcasting is moving towards digitization, networking, and intelligence. Huangping County Fourth Middle School has also upgraded its campus broadcasting system and playground sound amplification system, incorporating SPON Communication's campus broadcasting system, giving the school a completely new look.

2、Product Application - SPON Campus Public Broadcasting System

The SPON IP Network Broadcasting System is used for teaching amplification and examination point broadcasting in corridors. It features unique double-sided wall-mounted speakers, providing a wider, more comprehensive coverage that is well-suited to the architectural characteristics and amplification requirements of teaching buildings. The broadcast audio quality is clear, gentle, and high-fidelity, allowing teachers and students to enjoy comfortable and pleasant broadcast sound.

The outdoor playground area is vast and serves as an open-air podium, so all equipment is designed for outdoor waterproofing. The main amplification uses an outdoor line array system, combined with stage monitor speakers, to ensure that broadcast sound can reach every corner. In addition, considering the future needs of school playground activities, a directional antenna system has been deployed to enhance the stability of wireless microphones. There are also ample interfaces reserved for wired microphones to achieve the best outdoor sound propagation effects.

Recommended Products

IP Paging Console XC-9038N

The XC-9038N IP Paging Console, made from premium aluminum, provides two-way communication through a 4'' LCD. It seamlessly blends external audio, manages 30 terminals with its built-in mini-server, and supports offline intercoms. Additionally, it features live paging, adjustable audio settings, and updates via the Easy Mic APP.

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IP Integrated Amplifier XC-9508

The XC-9508 is a 1U-designed IP Integrated Amplifier boasting over 85% efficiency. It features multiple audio inputs with individual volume control, balanced input for reduced noise, and built-in memory for remote updates. With capabilities for offline broadcasts during network disruptions, it also includes protection circuits and a universal RJ45 network interface.

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