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Dafengyakou Highway

SPON IP PA & Intercom For Highway

SPON Highway IP PA & Intercom Solution

Project Background:

The Dafengya Pass Highway is known as one of the most dangerous highways in China. This section of the highway is built along mountain slopes, characterized by long and steep gradients, numerous sharp curves, and a total length of 27 kilometers, with an elevation difference of up to 1100 meters. Additionally, frequent occurrences of heavy fog contribute to a high frequency of traffic accidents.

Project Requirements:

1. Patrol staff to conduct inspections and promptly provide feedback to the headquarters.

2. Dissemination of real-time road conditions, weather updates, and deceleration advisories.

3. Emergency assistance capabilities.

Project Design:

For drivers entering the Dafengya Pass Tunnel, the unpredictable road conditions in dangerous sections can put them in a passive situation. Particularly, the stark contrast between the environments and temperatures inside and outside the tunnel, combined with the 27-kilometer downhill stretch, emphasizes the necessity of early warnings for drivers. This allows them to have sufficient time to take timely and effective measures.

Within the tunnel stations, dedicated personnel monitor and survey this particular section. They utilize the Shiban Communication IP network paging microphone to broadcast road conditions, weather updates, deceleration advisories, and other information through the Shiban IP network speakers inside the tunnel. This information is disseminated to passing drivers, urging them to prioritize road safety.

SPON Highway IP PA & Intercom SolutionSPON Highway IP PA & Intercom Solution

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SPON Highway IP PA & Intercom Solution

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SPON Highway IP PA & Intercom Solution

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SPON Highway IP PA & Intercom Solution

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SPON Highway IP PA & Intercom Solution

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