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Xinjiang Museum

IP HD Surveillance Microphone System for Museum

IP HD Surveillance Microphone system For Museum

Project Background:

The Xinjiang Museum is a provincial comprehensive museum of geography and history, covering an area of 17,288 square meters. It serves as an institution for the collection, preservation, scientific research, and educational promotion of cultural relics and specimens in Xinjiang.

The Xinjiang Museum has implemented multiple rounds of personnel, physical, and technical defense, as well as comprehensive three-dimensional security measures, to protect the cultural treasures of China. SPON Communications has provided a customized IP intelligent HD Surveillance Microphone system for Xinjiang Museum to identify hidden risks and reinforce national cultural security measures.

Product Design
IP HD Surveillance Microphone system For Museum

SPON's IP HD Surveillance Microphone system utilizes the cutting-edge XCoIP technology to provide robust support for IP network audio monitoring. It can effectively overcome the shortcomings of general surveillance microphone devices, such as poor sound quality and serious noise interference, and significantly improve the definition of audio monitoring. The system can detect audio in every corner of the museum, and audio reinforcement can be implemented when necessary. The audio system, along with video surveillance, forms a multi-dimensional security guarantee to strictly guard every corner of the museum.

Audio Omnidirectional Warning

The system is deployed in critical areas such as cultural relics exhibition rooms, cultural relics storerooms, archives rooms, and reference rooms, where AI intelligent identification surveillance microphone devices are installed. Once the system detects abnormal sounds in the environment, such as human voices at night, breaking sounds, audible and visible alarm sounds, ultra-decibel sounds, and other abnormal sounds, it can send an early warning to the center and link with other safety prevention devices to enhance the level of safety prevention. This helps to prevent the event from escalating and resulting in more significant losses.

Automatic Audio Inspection

The backend platform provides centralized management of the front-end surveillance microphones, including monitoring their status, detecting faults, and obtaining real-time information. When abnormal sounds are detected, an alarm is automatically triggered, and video is linked to inspect the scene and notify relevant security personnel.

Flexible Deployment and Disarming of Defenses

The system allows for flexible deployment and precise monitoring of unauthorized entry. During rest periods, the system can be set to deployment mode, enabling the front-end surveillance microphones to operate and monitor the defense areas. Any alarm signals generated during this period can be immediately received by the platform. During operating hours, the system can be set to disarming mode, in which case the alarm devices and defense zones connected to the front-end will not recognize or trigger any alarm sounds, preventing unnecessary alarms and minimizing disruptions.

IP HD Surveillance Microphone system For Museum

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IP HD Surveillance Microphone system For Museum

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