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Mohe Airport

SPON IP Matrix Public Address System for Mohe Airport

After more than twenty months of expansion and renovation construction, China's northernmost airport, Mohe Gulian Airport, has officially resumed operations. This marks the restoration of the aerial route leading to the "Chinese Arctic." Mohe Gulian Airport is a 4C-level domestic tourist branch airport, the first airport built in a permafrost zone in China, and the highest latitude airport in China.

To overcome the extreme cold and freezing weather conditions, the products and equipment used at the airport require high stability. The SPON IP Matrix PA System, known for its resilience in low temperatures, is applied at Mohe Gelan Airport.

Compared to ordinary public address systems, the reliability advantages of matrix public address system lie in its fault self-check design and backup redundancy design. When the system detects faults such as under-voltage or overload in the main and backup power supplies, amplifier unit malfunctions, or short circuits in the speaker lines, the system immediately issues an alarm, displays the anomaly, and automatically initiates backup without delay. The SPON IP Matrix PA System is capable of handling various emergency situations, reducing the broadcast failure rate to near-zero levels.

In addition, the IP public address system can automatically adjust the broadcast volume based on environmental noise, ensuring clear and pleasant listening experiences. This feature enhances the level of high-quality service at the airport.

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