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IP PA Intercom System for HAPHARM Group's Factory

HAPHARM Second Traditional Chinese Medicine Factory, as a production base of HAPHARM Group CO., Ltd, integrated with the Chinese Medicine Third Factory and the Shi Yitang Pharmaceutical Factory to form the group company, HAPHARM Group CO., Ltd. It is located on Airport Road in the Daoli District of Harbin City. In order to meet the factory's needs for management, emergency notifications, and daily reminders, SPON Communications has deployed a new IP PA Intercom System.

Within the production plant, SPON PA System automatically assigns broadcast tasks to play timely and targeted announcements to ensure safe and orderly production. Different production workshops and lines are segmented for zone-specific broadcasting, avoiding interference and allowing for independent operations.

The SPON IP PA system has also been deployed in the industrial park, facilitating automatic playback of music for clocking in and out, background music, and commonly used tunes. Additionally, it serves as a platform for broadcasting announcements throughout the industrial park, contributing to the creation of a comfortable and productive work atmosphere.

Furthermore, SPON Communications has undertaken the renovation and upgrade of the existing analog public address system. This overhaul not only enhances operational efficiency but also brings added convenience and comfort to the HHAPHARM industrial park.

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