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Judicial Department

SPON Coference System for Judicial Spaces

SPON Communications has deployed multiple conference rooms in the office building of a local judicial department, designed to meet various meeting requirements and implement smart office solutions.

The conference rooms are equipped with video switching control, conference speaking systems, sound reinforcement systems, wired conference microphones, array column speakers, and ceiling speakers.

Administrative Review Office: SPON Communications installed conference speaking and sound reinforcement systems, featuring full-range speakers and wired touch-screen conference microphones.

Command Center: Equipped with SPON Communications' video switching control, conference speaking, and sound reinforcement systems, featuring wired conference microphones and ceiling speakers.

Prison Command Center: Equipped with SPON's High-Definition Conference Cameras, Conference Speaking, and Sound Reinforcement Systems. Key features include full-range speakers and wireless conference microphones for seamless communication.

Media Integration Center Meeting Room: Conference speaking and sound reinforcement systems.

SPON conference systems facilitate end-to-end management throughout the pre, during, and post phases, streamlining processes, reducing manpower costs, and ensuring quicker, more professionally amplified meetings to convey every clear voice effectively.

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