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Nanchong Grand Theater

Nanchong Grand Theater and 'Four Halls One Center' - Public Address Sound System

Nanchong Grand Theater and "Four Halls One Center" is a key cultural development project in Nanchong, Sichuan. It is an important cultural landmark located on the urban axis in the northern Qingquan Temple area of Nanchong. Based on the Nanchong Grand Theater building, it includes the Nanchong Science Museum, Exhibition Hall, Local History Museum, Youth Activity Center, and an expansion of the city library, forming a symmetrical central axis with a square layout that converges from both sides towards the center.

SPON Communications provided a comprehensive public address and conference sound system for Nanchang Grand Theater.
To enhance the overall planning and construction of Nanchong City's venues, science museum, local history museum, and grand theater, and to meet the audio intelligent control system requirements for coordinating sound, light, and electrical systems during major public events in People's Square, SPON Communications supplied an outdoor sound system and an IP PA system for the "Four Halls One Center" project, enabling both centralized and decentralized daily management functions.

The project has a total construction area of 69,000 square meters, with a spacious exterior plaza area surrounding the venues. All equipment is designed to be waterproof for outdoor use, ensuring clear and bright audio quality with high sound fidelity, thus achieving optimal outdoor sound propagation for large-scale events on the plaza. The outdoor public Addressing system is primarily used for background music playback, broadcasting announcements, and providing visitor guidance.

We have also uploaded a video of this case on YouTube. You can click on this link to view it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaPvCXj17Zc