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Pipeline Projects

 Industrial IP Public Address and Alarm System for Pipeline Engineering 

The Shandong Pipeline East Mainline Natural Gas Pipeline Project is a key national project for the interconnectedness of natural gas. With a total length of 524.5 kilometers and a designed annual gas transmission capacity of 13.9 billion cubic meters, it passes through 5 cities and 13 districts and counties, including Yantai, Qingdao, Weifang, Rizhao, and Linyi. In order to meet the communication requirements within the stations and enhance the dispatching and monitoring of the production sites from the station control room, SPON Communications has deployed a public address and alarm system for the pipeline project, covering all 19 gas transmission stations along the route.

The SPON public address and Alarm System is a specialized intercom system designed and deployed for the unique environment of natural gas pipeline projects. Tailored for industrial settings, it offers a more professional and secure solution.

The SPON IP Video paging console, located on the control desk in the station control room, is utilized for voice notifications, broadcast announcements, area-wide alarms, and emergency command operations. It ensures smooth communication for effective command and control, especially in emergency situations.

The IP intercom stations utilize the SPON NETWORK Outdoor Industrial Video Telephone (XC-9201V), constructed with a robust aluminum alloy shell for enhanced anti-riot capabilities. In addition to being waterproof and smash-resistant, it features advanced sound pressure noise suppression algorithms and wind noise suppression technology. This ensures reliable communication in the unique environment of natural gas operations.

The Network Video Explosion-proof Intercom station is installed in valve rooms and outdoor locations. It features dual authentication explosion-proof capabilities, an IP68 protection rating, and is suitable for use in extremely harsh environments with explosive gases or dust. The device has strong sealing properties, preventing the generation of electric sparks due to leakage after grounding. It is interconnected with self-controlled fire alarm and leakage detection systems, enabling audio-visual alarm linkage.

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XC-9031NV IP Video Paging Console

The XC-9031 IP video paging console boasts a 10.2-inch LCD touch screen and a 13-megapixel HD camera. It offers hands-free operations with a goose-neck microphone, an emergency broadcast button, and supports multi-party video conferences. Leveraging PoE and H.265 video decoding, it integrates with mainstream SIP systems and provides visualization modules, alongside advanced call features.

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XC-9201V IP Outdoor SOS Video Telephone  

The IP outdoor Emergency Telephone is robust, featuring a full metal, explosion-proof, and waterproof design rated at IP66. Ideal for outdoor use, it enables one-key emergency calls and supports hands-free or handset communication. With a built-in 30W digital amplifier, it connects to a 30W/8Ω speaker or horn. Available in both visual and non-visual models.

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