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Xiangfu Yingcai Primary School

SPON Provides Public Address System for Xiangfu Yingcai Primary School

Adhering to the mission of 'laying the foundation for a harmonious and beautiful life, empowering continuous growth,' Xiangfu Yingcai Primary School is dedicated to building an excellent and exemplary school. It has been honored with the titles of 'National Advanced Collective in Creative Education' and 'Changsha Model School for Two Types of Development.' To enhance the quality of the educational environment, SPON has deployed a complete campus public address system for Xiangfu Yingcai Primary School.

Taking into consideration the specific needs of the school, SPON has deployed a comprehensive campus public address system to address various amplification requirements. Waterproof column speakers have been installed in outdoor areas such as teaching buildings, indoor wall-mounted speakers are placed in school pathways, and IP PA  systems are implemented for classroom amplification. The broadcasted sound maintains a clear, gentle quality with high fidelity, ensuring that the children always experience a comfortable auditory environment.

In addition, SPON has equipped the 'One Teacher, One Mic' system to ensure healthy teaching practices. 'One Teacher, One Mic' means that each teacher is provided with a dedicated wireless microphone. The wireless microphones utilize advanced wireless audio transmission and control technology, automatically pairing upon startup, ready to use with zero interference and zero radiation. This system is suitable for mobile teaching, preventing cross-contamination from shared microphones.

When teachers enter the classroom, the system automatically pairs, and as soon as they start speaking, the sound is transmitted. With worry-free teaching during interdisciplinary classes, the clear sound quality and high fidelity not only provide students with a better learning experience but also safeguard the teachers' 'golden voices.'

SPON is deeply committed to digital education, working to enhance the overall quality of teaching and learning. We strive to create a more convenient, efficient, and intelligent teaching environment for both teachers and students.

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