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One Park, Two Centers

SPON IP Professional Broadcasting System for " One Park,Two Center"

Yiyang's "One Park, Two Centers" project, located on Yingbin Road, Yiyang City, is a significant urban development initiative in Hunan province. The "One Park" refers to the "Zishan Lake Ecological and Cultural Park," which is designed as an ecological park centered around Zishan Lake, integrating leisure, entertainment, fitness, and sightseeing. The "Two Centers" refer to the Yiyang City Cultural Center and Yiyang City Government Service Center.

The Yiyang City Cultural Center comprises a museum, library, planning exhibition hall, art gallery, science and technology museum, staff activity center, youth activity center, women and children activity center, elderly activity center (including elderly university), and the Red Cross emergency rescue training center.

As a significant project aimed at benefiting the public, the construction of high-quality, high-standard, and high-pursuit facilities is its guiding principle. SPON Communications' modern conference sound system has been applied in the construction of multiple venues within the Citizen Cultural Center. SPON has custom-tailored professional public address systems based on the specific usage requirements of each venue to ensure optimal performance.

The public address system is primarily deployed in various areas of the Activity Center, including the cultural and sports rehearsal rooms, training classrooms, dance studios, singing rehearsal rooms, and sports activity rooms.

Adhering to the specific requirements of each venue, the equipment selection is tailored to the primary usage needs. For example, in the Labor Union Arbitration Court, small meeting rooms, dance studios, and the Elderly Party Members' Home, a combination of full-range speakers, ceiling-mounted auxiliary speakers, and wireless handheld microphones is used. On the other hand, in sports activity rooms, equipment such as full-range line array speakers, auxiliary speakers, and sound source collection devices are mainly employed.

By strategically installing the system in optimal positions, the venue's sound is evenly covered without dead spots, ensuring a faithful reproduction of audio. The sound field is guaranteed to have rich and full bass, clear and bright mid-tones, and delicate and beautiful high tones. The accompanying wireless microphones are easy to install and flexible, offering high-fidelity audio quality with anti-interference and feedback prevention features.

SPON Communications distinguishes itself by pairing different products and equipment for various scenarios, ensuring optimal sound quality for indoor public address system. This approach caters to diverse needs and contributes to Yiyang's goal of building an advanced, intelligent, and eco-friendly civilized city.

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