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Qiankun Group

Qiankun Group Conference System

1. Project Introduction

Qiankun Group, a renowned private enterprise located in Mianzhu, Sichuan, is driven by real estate construction and machinery manufacturing. The group operates across diverse sectors including construction, real estate, machinery, commercial concrete, public transportation, property management, tourism, forging, tea production, finance, and education.

Tailored Solutions · Understanding Your Needs

The group's meeting rooms are primarily used for mobilization meetings, training sessions, and stage events. With an understanding of Quankun Group's actual needs, Savills has intelligently upgraded and transformed each meeting room.

Deployed network digital conference systems in the meeting rooms, with microphones connected via hand-in-hand wired connections to ensure stability and reliability for members of the presidium.

Installed wired professional conference microphones on the lectern for leaders to deliver presentations.

Equipped with wireless UHF handheld microphones for event hosting or mobile speaking.

Implemented Dante digital audio processing matrix to suppress feedback, eliminate echo and noise, while enabling audio connectivity with other meeting rooms in the group.

Utilized 16 high-fidelity coaxial ceiling speakers with 6-inch dual-frequency drivers to ensure uniform coverage of sound pressure level and quality, while maintaining the overall aesthetics of the meeting rooms.

Achieved clear and powerful sound amplification throughout the venue through comprehensive sound field design and adjustment, delivering authentic and immersive audio experiences.

 Powerful Features · Convenient Applications

The network digital conference systems used in various conference rooms of Qiankun Group are tailored to the actual needs of users, ensuring safety, reliability, and immunity to external signal interference. The WIFI function supports wireless computer access to the digital conference system central unit for web parameter adjustment, eliminating the need for separate software installation and ensuring convenient operation.

The web interface allows adjustment of parameters such as volume, AGC, EQ, etc., globally or individually for each microphone unit. The system supports recording of speech data and can also connect to cameras for video tracking, enhancing user experience.

Centralized Control · All in My Hand

The SPON centralized control system centrally manages various devices in the conference room, including audio, lighting, and electrical equipment, consolidating controlled devices into a single wireless touch display for easy control of the conference room through pre-programmed graphical interfaces.

2. Configuration List