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Tsinghua University

IP Intercom Solution for Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University IP Intercom Solution

Tsinghua University, located in Beijing, China, is a prestigious research university renowned for its academic excellence and innovation. Founded in 1911, it consistently ranks among the world's top institutions. Tsinghua offers a wide range of disciplines, from engineering and science to arts and social sciences.

The university emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration, producing influential research and fostering global leaders. Its beautiful campus, strong faculty, and commitment to advancing knowledge and societal progress make Tsinghua University a leading institution in higher education.

Project Design:

For this project, the government chose SPON's public address and intercom system to ensure student safety. Intelligent light rods on the runway incorporate SPON's XC-9137AV Network Intercom Terminal and NAS-8507B Outdoor Network Column Speaker.

A custom black cover was crafted for the speakers to maintain uniformity. These speakers typically play background music but shift to emergency evacuation instructions when needed. Additionally, the XC-9137AV help endpoint allows tourists to quickly connect with the control room in emergencies.

Tsinghua University IP Intercom Solution

In this project, the powerful SPON 9000 Series software and XC-9031NV network paging console were selected for their capabilities. Unlike other market software, SPON's solution manages all SPON endpoints within one platform and also supports third-party integration, catering to diverse installer needs.

The network paging console features a 10.2-inch LCD screen and a 13-megapixel camera, functioning not just as a paging microphone but also as a conference host, facilitating communication with every intercom endpoint.

Tsinghua University IP Intercom SolutionTsinghua University IP Intercom Solution

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Tsinghua University IP Intercom Solution

XC-9137AE IP Outdoor Intercom Station 

The XC-9137AE by SPON is a durable outdoor intercom with a robust all-metal shell and IP65 rating, ensuring resilience against the elements. This compact station provides seamless two-way voice communication, facilitated by a single-button design and offers offline capabilities during network disruptions. With PoE support and integration with major VoIP systems and SPON® XC-9000, it's a comprehensive solution for advanced voice interactions and live announcements.

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Tsinghua University IP Intercom Solution

 XC-9000 System Service Software 

XC-9000 software utilizes a B/S cross-platform architecture, unifying IP terminal registration and management. It facilitates remote volume adjustments, custom call targets, and IP location displays with tailored scene visuals. The system enables audio tasks, file management, call forwarding, and comprehensive recording. It integrates user permissions, cascading servers, and third-party platforms.

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