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Factory in Vietnam

IP Paging System for a Factory in Vietnam

Tristate is a large, fast-growing, vertically-integrated company that employs more than 6,000 people, of all different nationalities, operating in 9 countries.

The SPON IP PA System is applied in the Tristate Vietnam Clothing Factory, providing services such as scheduled playback, local sound amplification, and remote announcements, enhancing corporate image and management efficiency.

The SPON IP PA System plays bells at the start and end of work to ensure orderly routines.

The SPON IP PA System plays light music during break times to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, helping to alleviate employee fatigue.

The IP digital power amplifier, in conjunction with UHF wireless handheld microphones, is used for on-site leadership to issue production instructions and temporary broadcast notifications in local sound amplification scenarios.

The control room IP paging microphone is used for remote broadcasting to the workshop, allowing selection of specific zones or entire areas. The broadcast features clear, loud, and vibrant sound, delivering impactful messages with great clarity.

The SPON IP PA System adopts a B/S architecture, accessible from any computer or mobile device connected to the network. Through account and permission management, controlling and maintaining the system is easy and efficient.

Project Configuration List