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Xiamen Overseas Port

Xiamen Overseas Port—SPON Audiovisual Command System

Seaport IP Intercom System

Project Background:

The Xiamen Overseas Automated Port is China's first fully automated port, located in the Haicang Bonded Port Area of Xiamen City. It is the world's first fourth-generation automated port and the first in China to possess complete independent intellectual property rights for automation. Due to its incredibly swift operations, often faster than human capabilities, the Xiamen Overseas Port is often referred to as the 'Devil's Port' in the industry


Project Requirements

In order to establish an advanced network system and a comprehensive IoT system for enhanced logistics control and collaborative efficiency, Xiamen Overseas Port has equipped the SPON Intelligent Command and Dispatch System. This system is utilized for remote control and command operations of gantry cranes, facilitating improved safety and security. It has enabled data connectivity and intelligent scheduling and command, further enhancing operational efficiency at Xiamen Overseas Port.

Seaport IP Intercom System


Achieve Integrated Command and Dispatch

Seaport IP Intercom System

An excellent intelligent dispatching system not only enables collaborative services under unified resource allocation but also enhances quality from functional completeness to process optimization. SPON Intelligent Dispatch and Command System integrates 'intercom, audio and video fusion, broadcasting, audio and video conferencing, command and dispatch, and emergency operations' into one, providing comprehensive management of equipment, personnel, and operations in a global and centralized manner.

Through visual interaction, it reduces operational barriers, achieving 'single-screen display, One-Touch management,' with the aim of reducing errors, saving energy, and cutting costs. It truly integrates monitoring, dispatching, and commanding, promptly resolving issues and challenges that customers encounter during port operations.


Streamlined Management Services

Seaport IP Intercom System

The solution provided by the SPON Intelligent Dispatch and Command System not only enables the coordinated operation of multiple business systems, including security monitoring, fire protection, intercom clusters, audio and video conferencing, telephone, and visual intercom but also dynamically and scientifically allocates various types of port machinery within the region.

This has achieved standardization of production organization processes, intelligent dispatching and commanding, rational resource utilization, and streamlined customer service.


Data Fusion

Seaport IP Intercom System


Information is a crucial resource for ports. The SPON Intelligent Dispatch and Smart System is equipped with a complete set of IoT devices, supports independent deployment, and has undergone professional optimization for performance.

It deeply integrates IoT technology with audio and video big data, enabling digital monitoring and dynamic management of production scheduling, equipment control, and environmental monitoring. This results in a more convenient and efficient business environment characterized by visualization, intelligence, and standardized management.


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