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Xinqiao Central Kindergarten

SPON Silent Playground System For Xinqiao Central Kindergarten

1、Project Background
Broadcast gymnastics music, sports event sounds, and school bell sounds are often a source of disturbance for residents living near schools. Many elementary and middle schools, as well as kindergartens, are located in close proximity to residential areas, and the loud volume of the broadcast, especially on the school playground, significantly disrupts the peaceful lives of nearby residents. The complaint rate about school broadcast noise disturbing residents remains high.

However, schools have legitimate educational and teaching needs, which inevitably result in sound disturbances. So, how can the conflicts between schools and residents over noise issues be resolved?

2、SPON Communications provides a silent playground solution for Xinqiao Central Kindergarten in Ouhai District, Wenzhou City.

SPON Communication offers a silent playground solution for this situation, fundamentally addressing the problem of playground broadcasting disturbances. The concept of a silent playground involves using the principle of directional sound to create an independent sound zone within the playground. The sound from the playground broadcasting accurately covers the main area of the playground, with the sound in other areas beyond the playground attenuated to environmental levels (adjustable). In other words, the sound from the playground broadcasting will not cause noise interference in the residential areas outside the playground, effectively resolving the sound conflicts between the school and the residential areas. It also helps enhance the quality of teaching by optimizing playground broadcasting.

3、Xinqiao Central Kindergarten is located with a picturesque backdrop of the scenic Jinchanshan Forest Park, adjacent to the Huichang Lake Water Park, and facing the residential area. Its prime geographical location offers convenience but also poses the challenge of school broadcast noise affecting nearby residents, especially with the loud and wide coverage of playground broadcasts.

SPON's IP network phased-array sound column suppresses the broadcast sound from spreading outside the school, reducing noise interference and fundamentally alleviating the conflicts between the school and the surrounding residential areas.

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