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Xiuwen Rural Commercial Bank

SPON Conference System for Guizhou Xiuwen Rural Commercial Bank

Guizhou Xiuwen Rural Commercial Bank, a local financial institution in Xiuwen County, covers all towns and townships in the region. To meet the growing demands of the bank and ensure efficient workflow, SPON Communications' conference systems have been implemented in multiple meeting rooms of the new office building.

Roundtable Meeting Room

Featuring embedded wired conference speaking units and exquisite microphones, the Roundtable Meeting Room caters to the upscale requirements of premium conference spaces. Paired with high-definition conference cameras, it meets the remote video conferencing needs of bank executives across different regions.

Small Meeting Room

The conference table is equipped with square-shaped short microphone conference units, elegant and sophisticated. The wired microphones require no charging, ensuring stable and extended operation for prolonged important leadership meetings.

Large Conference Auditorium

In the spacious setting of the Large Conference Auditorium, designed to accommodate a large audience for diverse functions such as training and speeches, SPON employs main speakers supplemented by fill speakers to ensure uniform sound distribution throughout the venue. Additionally, wireless handheld microphones are provided for convenient training sessions and speeches.

Roman Conference Room

The use of ceiling-mounted speakers not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also, when combined with the main speakers, ensures uniform and clear sound throughout the Roman Conference Room. The high-definition conference camera automatically tracks the speaker, keeping the entire audience focused on the key points of the meeting.

SPON communications conference systems are professionally designed based on actual scenarios and specific usage requirements to create the most sophisticated, spacious, and aesthetically pleasing conference rooms, ensuring intelligent and worry-free meeting experiences.